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Shaker Seminar

The Shaker Seminar is a series of seminars starting in 1973. The Seminar is open to all Shaker scholars or enthusiasts and includes visits to each Shaker site and in-depth lectures each year. The Seminar rotates between the Shaker sites each year.

The Shaker Seminar is a yearly meeting of the world's top Shaker researchers, museum curators, collectors and other aficionados.

The seminar was started in 1975 by Herb Wisby of Elmira College, NY, and taken over by Gus Nelson, of Berkshire Community College, between 1983 and 1985. It has been run since then by BCC, Hancock Shaker Village and occasionally with support from Hamilton College. The seminar is held at alternating Shaker sites including special visits to the last remaining Shaker community at Sabbath Day Lake, Maine, and includes many others who knew the Shakers who have since passed on as well as the major Shaker collectors. The yearly seminar includes lectures, special site visits and always includes a health dose of Shaker music.

Database started by Victoria Layton, added by Shakerpedia staff. List of Seminar locations by year: Media:Seminar_list.pdf

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