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The Shakers considered music to be an essential component of the religious experience. The Shakers composed thousands of songs, and also created many dances; both were an important part of the Shaker worship services. In Shaker society, a spiritual "gift" could also be a musical revelation, and they considered it to be important to record musical inspirations as they occurred. Scribes, many of whom had no formal musical training, used a form of music notation for this purpose: it used letters of the alphabet, often not positioned on a staff, along with a simple notation of conventional rhythmic values. This method has a curious, and coincidental, similarity to some ancient Greek music notation.

Many of the lyrics to Shaker tunes consist of syllables and words from unknown tongues, the musical equivalent of glossolalia. It has been surmised that many of them were imitated from the sounds of Native American languages, as well as from the songs of African slaves, especially in the southernmost of the Shaker communities, but in fact the melodic material is derived from European scales and modes.

Most early Shaker music is monodic, that is to say, composed of a single melodic line with no harmonization. The tunes and scales recall the folksongs of the British Isles, but since the music was written down and carefully preserved, it is "art" music of a special kind rather than folklore. Many melodies are of extraordinary grace and beauty, and the Shaker song repertoire, though still relatively little known, is an important part of the American cultural heritage and of world religious music in general.

Several hymnbooks with more conventional four-part harmonization were published by the Shakers in the late nineteenth century. These works are less strikingly original than the earlier, monodic repertoire.

The surviving Shakers sing songs drawn from both the earlier repertoire and the four part songbooks. They perform all of these unaccompanied, in single-line unison singing. The many recent, harmonized arrangements of older Shaker songs for choirs and instrumental groups mark a departure from traditional Shaker practice.

The most famous Shaker song is "Simple Gifts", which Aaron Copland used as a theme for variations in Appalachian Spring. The tune was composed by Elder Joseph Brackett and originated in the Shaker community at Alfred, Maine in 1848. Many contemporary Christian denominations incorporate this tune into hymnals, under various names, including "Lord of the Dance," adapted in 1963 by English poet and songwriter Sydney Carter.

Some scholars, such as Daniel W. Patterson and Roger L. Hall, have compiled books of these songs, and groups have been formed to sing the songs and perform the dances. There are recordings available of Shaker songs, both documentation of singing by the Shakers themselves, as well as songs recorded by other groups (see external links). Two widely distributed commercial recordings by The Boston Camerata, "Simple Gifts" (1995) and "The Golden Harvest" (2000), were recorded at the Shaker community of Sabbathday Lake, Maine, with active cooperation from the surviving Shakers, whose singing can be heard at several points on both recordings.

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The Shakers:  Hands To Work  Hearts To God    A film by Ken Burns and Amy Stechler Burns. A Florentine Films Production.  58 minutes color, 1985.  Distributed by Direct Cinema Limited. Inc. Phone (213) 652-8000.  There is a companion book:  Amy Stechler Burns & Ken Burns.  The Shakers:  Hands To Work  Hearts to God.  New York:  Portland House.
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Shaker Images:  "Pleasant Hill:  Remembered, Restored, Revisited."   This videotape serves as a good introduction to the Shakers and to their utopian dream in central Kentucky, and to those early pioneers in preservation, whose foresight rescued 30 historic Shaker structures from ruin and decay.  27 minutes color.
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Audio Tapes and CDs of Shaker Music:

Angels:  Voices From Eternity   The Boston Camerata, Joel Cohen, and Tod Machover.  Angels is a guided tour in music of the Angel world, combining Gregorian chant, early American hymns, and Shaker spirituals with computer-generated sound.  Shaker songs include:  Angel of Light, Father William's March, Declaration of the Mighty Angels, Your Camps Shall be Searched, The Call of an Angel, O Little Children,  and Trumpet of Salvation.   ERATO  1997  Timing:  59:09.  (14773-2)
All at Home:  The Singers of Lower Shaker Village   Directed by Mary Ann Haagen.  Enfield, New Hampshire.  Thirty-four Gift Songs, Hymns, and Anthems.  A Celebration of the Shaker Musical Tradition.  IMPACT MEDIA  1995.  (CD5020)
Bow and Be Simple  South Union Shaker Quartet,  South Union, Kentucky
Early Shaker Spirituals  The beauty and grace of Shaker culture is reflected in these authentic songs, rendered by members of the United Society of Shakers of Sabbathday Lake, Maine -- one of the few surviving Shaker communities in Maine. This collection of forty19th century Shaker spirituals (including Tis the Gift to Be Simple) sung in traditional unaccompanied style is the only album available of the Shakers themselves singing their unique music.  Produced by Daniel W. Patterson.  Rounder  1977.  (ROUN0078)
Gentile Words   Randy Folger.  Twenty-six Shaker tunes sung a capella by Randy, music interpreter at Pleasant Hill.
Harp of Joy   Diane Schneider.  Recorded in the Meeting House at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky.
Joy of Angels:  Shaker Spirituals for Christmas & the New Year  Vocal Music of the Shaker Communities.  Thirty-eight songs of the season.  Randy Folger, Colleen Liggett, Kathy Leigh Johnson, Mitzie Collins, The Sampler Chorus, and The Eastman Bach Children's Chorus.  Sampler Records Ltd., 1995.  Timing: 71 minutes.  (Sampler 9528)
Love is Little:  A Sampling Shaker Spirituals   Vocal Music of the Shaker Communities.  Thirty-seven songs.  Roger Hall, Mitzie Collins and The Sampler Chorus.  Sampler Records Ltd., 1991.  Timing 53 minutes.  (Sampler 9222)
Music of the Shakers   Folkway Records, 1976.
O Hear Their Music Ring:  The Singers of Lower Shaker Village   Directed by Mary Ann Wilde.  Enfield, New Hampshire.  Thirty-three Songs of the Shakers.  A re-creation of the Shaker musical experience.  IMPACT MEDIA  1992.  (CD5001)
Shaker Road (the quiet in the land)  Domenico de Clario, piano.  CD 1:  Shaker Road: quit existing.  Thirty blindfold piano-performances.  CD 2:  Shaker Road:  the diver's clothes lying empty.  Blindfold improvised piano-performance.  Produced by Domenico de Clario, 1997.
The Shaker Gift of Song   Ann Black Sturm.  Recorded by Musica Antiqua in the Meetinghouse at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, 1980.
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Music Buffs [14] Shaker Songs:  Come to Zion  Hancock Shaker Village.  Northumbega Harmony and singers from Hancock Shaker Village.  This recording is not considered a good recording.  Go to
A Shaker Trilogy:  William Coulter & Barry Phillips.  Instrumental arrangements of Shaker Music.  Gourd Music.:
  • Simple Gifts (GM 106)
  • Tree of Life (GM 114)
  • Music on the Mountains (GM 123)
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