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Seminars by year

topic last, first year area
Shaker Music & Dance by Candlelight Anderson,Cheryl 1980A
A Visit to Pleasant HIll Dones,Jean 1980A
Shaker Publications Dorschner,Cheri 1980A
The Canaan Shaker Dunton,Anna Mary 1980A Town historian, Canaan, NY
Opportunities and Resources for Research in Shaker Studies Meader,Robert 1980A
Mother Rebecca Jackson and the Black Shakers Williams,Richard 1980A Author Called and Chosen; Highland Park, NJ
The Shakers - Where They Were and What's Left Wisbey,Herb 1980A
Some Obserevations of Visitors to Mt. Lebanon Wisbey,Herb 1980A
The Groveland Community Wisbey,Herb 1980A
Shaker Publications Dorschner,Cheri 1980B
Dating the Alfred drawing of Elder Joshua Bussell Emlen,Rob 1980B
An Evening of Maine Shaker Songs Hall,Roger 1980B
The Shakers of Maine Johnson,Br.Ted 1980B
Is There a Distinctive Weatern Shaker Perspective? Taylor,Michael 1980B
Shaker Themes in Literature Wisbey,Herb 1980B
The Shakers of Alfred Wood,Frank 1980B
Tour of Shirley, MA Correctional Instution Shaker buildings Famsworth,Sandy 1981 Tour director and professional artist
The Humble Heart a pageant of Shaker Verse and Song Hall,Roger 1981
Harvard-Shirley Shakers Horgan,Edward 1981 Author , The Shaker Holy Land
Holy Hills and Feast Grounds Meader,Robert 1981 Author, Illustrated Guide to Shaker Furniture
Walk to Harvard Holy Hill Muller,Erhart 1981 Tour director; Harvard, MA
Fruitlands and the Fruitlands Experiments Reed,Richard 1981 Director, The Fruitlands Museums, Harvard, MA
Report on West Union Smith,John Martin 1981 Attorney; Auburn, IN
Shaker Sprint Drawings Spring,June 1981 Curator, Hancock Shaker Village
Shaker Architecture at Harvard Underwood,Bayard 1981 Architect; Harvard, MA
The Harvard-Shirley Shakers as Viewed by their Literary Nieghbors Wisbey,Herb 1981
A New Look at Some Old Maps and Vistas of Canterbury Shaker Village Emlen,Rob 1982
The Happy Journey- Scenes and Songs of the Early Shakers Hall,Roger 1982
Shaker Textiles Hillenberg,Nancy 1982 Weaver; Anaheim, CA
Tour of Canterbury Shaker Museum Kathman,Richard 1982 Director Canterbury Museum, NH
Editing and Writing for Shaker Entusiasts Kramer,Fran 1982 Writer for The NY-PA Collector Pittsford, NY
Enfield Shaker Furniture and Artifacts Leavitt,Robert 1982
Shaker Out Families Meader,Robert 1982
Research and Writing Shaker Books Morse,Flo 1982 Author The Shakers anf the World's People
Editing and Writing for the Shaker Enthusiast panle discussion Muller,Charles 1982
Collecting Shaker Paper Newell,David D. 1982 Author
The Savoy Shakers Newell,David D. 1982
Canterbury Archaeology Starbucks,David R. 1982 Archaeologist, Univ. of NH
Canterbury Shakers Thompson,Bud 1982 Canterbury Shakers Village, NH
Tour of Canterbury Thompson,Bud 1982
Concer of Shakers Songs Thompson,Nancy 1982 Author Child/Parent/Teacher Educational Guide; Canterbury, NH
Editing and Writing for Shaker Enthusiasts Van Kolken,Diana 1982 Editor The Shaker Messenger; Holland, MI Author , Introducing the Shakers
Research and Writing Shaker Books Panel discussion Wisbey,Herb 1982
Sex and Utopian Societies a review of some recent books Wisbey,Herb 1982
The Shaker Tavern Campbell,John 1983 Director, Shakertown at South Union, KY
Music Program Eastman,Dan 1983 Musician; antiques dealer; Cornish, NH
Shaker Textiles Gordon,Beverly 1983 Author Shaker Textiles Arts; Madison, WI
Muller,Charles 1983 Seminar Associate Director
Shaker Chairs with T. Rieman Muller,Erhart 1983
Researchj Opportunities at the Kentucky Museum Library Neal,Julia 1983
Shaker Images Pearson,Ray 1983 Author The Shaker Image
Shaker Chairs with C. Muller Rieman,Tim 1983 Co-author The Shaker Chair; New Lebanon, NY
West Union (Busro) Smith,John Martin 1983
Shaker Views on Perfectionism Taylor,Michael 1983
Van Kolken,Diana 1983 Seminar Associate Director
Talk at South Union Whitaker,Br.Thomas 1983
A Converstaion with Faith Andrews- A Pioneer in Shaker Studies Andrews,Faith 1984 Early collector and Shaker scholar with husband, Edward Deming Andrews. Authors of numerous Shaker books. Pittsfield, MA
The Darrow School & the Mt. Lebanon Community Site Baker,James 1984 Architect Chairman, Mt Lebanon Shaker Village Board of Trustees
Dones,Jean 1984 Seminar Planning Committee
The LOwer Canaan Shaker Family Dunton,Anna Mary 1984
Mt. Lebanon Shaker Meeting House Lecture and Tour Grant,Jerry 1984 Director, Hancock Shaker Village
A Journey to Hancock's Holy Hill guide Grant,Jerry 1984
The Somple Gift of Shaker Drawings and Song Hall,Roger 1984 Seminar Planning Committee
The Shakers on Agriculture and Technology Harrington,Thomas 1984 Curator of Collections, Hancock Shaker Village
Lawson,RoseMary 1984 Seminar Planning Committee
Tour of residence Miles,Jerral 1984 Headmaster, Darrow School, New Lebanon, NY
Hopes and Dreams of Darrow School Miles,Jerral 1984
Miller,Amy Bess 1984 Seminar Planning Committee
Moriarty,Kathleen 1984 Seminar Planning Committee
A Journey to Hancock's Holy Hill reader Muller,Charles 1984
Mt. Lebanon Shaker Chair Industry with T. Rieman Muller,Charles 1984
Mt.Lebanon Shaker Chair industry with C. Muller Rieman,Tim 1984 Author, The Complete Book of Shaker Furniture
Welcome Sand,Vicki 1984 Director, Shaker Museum, Old Chathman, NY
Welcome and tour of Shaker Exhibit at the New York State Museum Scherer,John 1984 Associate Curator, Decorative Arts and Prints, NY State Museum, Albany, NY
The Shaker barn Theatre Stanley,Renee and Gordon 1984
A Program of Early Shaker Songs Stell,Elizabeth 1984 Flutist
Historic Preservations and Shaker Sites Upton,Helen 1984 Professor of History, Russell Sage College Troy, NY
Daniel Boler and the Mt. Lebanon, South Union, KY Shaker Connection Whitaker,Br.Thomas 1984
Perfectionistic Movements and Celibacy Williams,Richard 1984
Perspectives on Shaker Seminars Past Wisbey,Herb 1984
Nelson,Gustave 1984-9 Director, Berkshire Shaker Seminar for 15 years encompassing 16 seminars, Professor, Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield, MA
Union Village the Mt. Lebabnon of the West Lawson,RoseMary 1985 Archivist;co-author Shaker Paper Dolls; Dayton, OH
Lawson,RoseMary 1985-8 Seminar Associate Director
A Converstaion with Faith Andrews Andrews,Faith 1985A Early collector and Shaker scholar with husband, Edward Deming Andrews. Authors of numerous Shaker books. Pittsfield, MA
The Shaker Clocks of Isaac Youngs Badeau,Charles 1985A
Sister Aurelia Mace of Sabbathday Lake, ME Brooks,Leonard 1985A
The Sodus Shaker Community;Shaker values & Land Acquisition Brumm,Walter 1985A Mechanicsburg, PA
Chosen Land with Br.A.Hadd Carr,Sr.Frances 1985A Eldress, Shaker Family, Sabbath Day Lake, ME
The Archaeology of Shaker Sites Coe,Michael 1985A Professor of Anthropolgy
The Shakers and the Oneida Community dePillis,Mario 1985A Professor, Dept, of History, Univ of MA, Amherst
Mt.Lebanon Holy Hill Climb Grant,Jerry 1985A Seminar Planning Committee
Welcome to Hancock Shaker Village Grant,Jerry 1985A Assistant Director, The Shaker Museum, Old Chathman Curator of Collections, The Shaker Museum, Old Chatham, NY
The Shaker Meeting Houses of Moses Johnson Meader,Robert 1985A
The Hills of paradise: Shaker Feast Grounds Meader,Robert 1985A
Welcome to Mt.Lebanon Miles,Jeral 1985A
25 Years of Growth at Hancock Shaker Village Miller,Amy Bess 1985A President, Hancock Shaker Village
Host for A Converstaion with Faith Andrews Sand,Vicki 1985A
Shaker Resources and Research Methods Smith,John Martin 1985A
The Aesthetics of Shaker Furiture Design Sprigg,June 1985A Guest curator, 1986 Whitney Museum show; author Shaker Life, Work and Art; Inner Light, The Shaker Legacy; Shaker Design; By Shaker Hands; Pittsfield, MA
A Program of Shaker Songs Stell,Elizabeth 1985A
Welcome to Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, with Br. T. Johnson Barker,Sr.Mildred 1985B Member, Shaker Family, Sabbathday Lake. Seminar Planning Committee. Author Holy Land, A History of the Alfred Shakers: Poems and Prayers; Sabbathday Lake Shakers
A Converstaion with the Shakers Barker,Sr.Mildred 1985B
Sister Aurelia Mace of Sabbathday Lake, ME Brooks,Leonard 1985B Seminar Planning Committee
A Coversation with the Shakers Carr,Sr.Frances 1985B Seminar Planning Committee
Shaker Cooking & Herbs, with Br.A.Hadd Carr,Sr.Frances 1985B Author Shaker Your Plate:Of Shaker Cooks and Cooking, Growing UP Shaker
Choosen Land with Sr. F. Carr Hadd,Br.Arnold 1985B Member, Shaker Family, Sabbathday Lake
A Converstaion with the Shakers Hadd,Br.Arnold 1985B Seminar Planning Committee
Shaker Cooking and Herbs with Sr.f. Carr Hadd,Br.Arnold 1985B
Hall,Roger 1985B Seminar Music Consultant
Elder Joseph Brackett, Jr Hess,Wendell 1985B Seminar Planning Committee
Welcome To Sabbathday Lake Shaker Lillage with Sr.M.Barker Johnson,Br.Ted 1985B Seminar Planning Committee
The History of the Sabbathday Lake and Poland Hill Shakers Johnson,Br.Ted 1985B
A Converstaion with the Shakers Johnson,Br.Ted 1985B
A History of the Alfred, ME, Shaker Community Johnson,Br.Ted 1985B
Report on Research Projects Undertaken by the Society Johnson,Br.Ted 1985B
Hands to Work project coordinator Moriarty,Kathleen 1985B Seminar Planning Committee
Hostory of Poland Spring Robbins,Mel 1985B Proprietor, The Inn at Poland Spring, ME
Tour of Poland Spring sites Robbins,Mel 1985B
Shaker Gift Drawings Precedents and Parralels in American Folk Art Wetkin,Jerry 1985B Vice President, Museum of American Folk Art; author The Four Season of shaker Life; New York, NY
Wisbey,Herb 1985B Seminar Planning Committee
Shaker Physics: Medicinal Herbs Allen,Mary 1986 Shaker researcher; bontanist; herbalist,

\nDayton, OH

The North Union Shaker Community Atkinson,Virginia 1986 Director, The Shaker Historical Museum, Shaker Heights, OH
Shaker Herbs Boice,Martha 1986 Herbalist; journalist; author For Remember it is Christmas; Shaker Fare; Dayton, OH
Music Program Breeding,Michael 1986 Music interpreter, Pleasant Hill, KY
Inner Light: The Shaker Legacy Butler,Linda 1986 Photographer, Inner Light, The Shaker Legacy
A Tribute Couger,James 1986 Pioneer historic Shaker preservationist, Pleasant Hill, KY
Alternative Worlds: Shaker, Owenite and Rappite Cress,Kit 1986
The Pleasant Hill Shakers Dones,Jean 1986
A Tribute Hall,Deedy 1986 Pioneer historic Shaker preservationist; Shakertown, South Union, KY
Welcome to the Kettering-Moraine Museum Hunt,Melba 1986 President-Director, Kettering-Moraine Museum Dayton, OH; author
The Whitewater Shaker Community Kistler,Steve 1986 Cincinnatie, OH
Welcone to Warren COuty Historical Society and an Introduction to the Shaker Collection Kuhn,Thomas 1986 Warren County Historical Society, Lebanon, OH
Union Village: The Heart of the West Lawson,RoseMary 1986
The Shaker Stocking Yarn Factory at Watervliet, OH McGraw,Marjorie 1986 Interpreter, Patterson Homestead Museum of Montgomery County Historical Society, Dayton, Oh; co-author Shaker Paper Dolls
Welcome to Shakertown at Pleasant Hill Morris,Betty 1986 Executive Vice President, Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, KY
Western Shaker Furniture Muller,Charles 1986 Shaker Planning Committee
A Tribute Neal,Julia 1986
Golden Lamb coordinator Orrin (Taylor),Mary 1986 Seminar Planning Committee; instructor of Shaker studies at Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI
Shaker Mission to the Shawnee Indians Smith,John Martin 1986
Design consultant and host Spence,Richard 1986 Shaker map specialist; Cincinnati, OH
Welcome to Shakertown at Pleasant Hill Thomas,James 1986 Director, Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, KY
A Tribute Wallace,Earl 1986 Pioneer historic Shaker preservationist, Shaker town Pleasant Hill, KY
Coordinator for post-seminiar Shaker Festival at South Union, KY Whitaker,Br.Thomas 1986
Mother Lucy Wright Carr,Sr.Frances 1987
Music Program Collins,Mitzi 1987 Musician
An Initroduction to the Shaker Community at Shirley Famsworth,Sandy 1987
Shaker Furniture of Harvard and Shirley Finkelpearl,Kitty and Philip 1987 Tour director and professional artist; reside in Harvard, MA Shaker building
Tour of Harvard Shaker community sie and Holy Hill climb Finkelpearl,Kitty and Philip 1987
Historic Shaker Women Hadd,Br.Arnold 1987
Blended Together: The Simple Gifts of Shaker Music Hall,Roger 1987 Seminar Music Consultant
The Shaker Marketplace Henry,Willis 1987 willis Henry Auction; Marshfield, MA
Enfiled's Chosen Vale in Transition Hess,Wendell 1987 Author of numerous articles for The Shaker Messenger
BronsonAlcotss and the Shakers Kramer,Fran 1987
Nineteenth Century Silhouettist Laughton,Helen and Neil 1987 Professional silhouetists; Richmond, VA
Mother Ann Lee Marini,Stephen 1987 Professor of religion, Wellesley College;author Radical Sects of Revolutionary New England
The Shaker Cloak Industry Mazurek,Doris 1987 Shaker Facsimiles; Holland, MI
Shaker Bells Meader,Robert 1987
The Shaker Herb Industry at Harvard and Shirley Miller,Amy Bess 1987 Historic Shaker Preservation Award recipient; author The Best of Shaker Cooking; Hancock Shaker Village- The City of Peace, Shaker Medicinal Herbs
Introduction to Fruitlands Museums Reed,Richard 1987
Introduction to Harvard Shaker Community Reed,Richard 1987 Seminar Planning Committee
Shaker Design...Shaker Images Rocheleau,Paul 1987 Professional photographer; Shaker Design: Richmond, MA
Shake Life, Work and Art Sprigg,June 1987
The History of Shaker Collecting Sprigg,June 1987
Oval box making workshop Wilson,John 1987 Oval box maker; instructor
Moriarty,Kathleen 1987-9 Seminar Associate Director
The Shakers & Thomsonian Medicine Boice,Martha 1988
Assisted with wreath making workshop Boice,Martha 1988
Sabbathday Lake Shaker Schoolhouse Restoration Project Brooks,Leonard 1988 Director, Sabbathday Lake Shaker Museum & Library; Seminar Planning Committee
Carr,Sr.Frances 1988 Seminar Associate Director
Seminar Group photographer DeWaters,Gere 1988 Photographer, Portland, ME
Shaker Post Card Views of the Communities in Maine DeWolf,Scott 1988 Research assistant at Sabbathday Lake, ME
The Restoration Projects of Pleasant Hill Dones,Jean 1988
The New Forest Shakers Gale,Geoffrey 1988 Professor of design, London, England
The Shaker Community at Alfred, ME Hadd,Br.Arnold 1988 Seminar Planning Committee
Elder Elisha Pote of Sabbathday Lake Hadd,Br.Arnold 1988
Tour of Herb gardens and herb department at Sabbathday Lake Haskell,Sr.Meg 1988 Member of Shaker Family, Sabbathday Lake, ME
The Enfield, NH Shaker Village Site: News and Notes on the Evolution of a Dream Hess,Wendell 1988 Historian, Enfield, NH. Author, The Enfield (NH) Shakers: A Brief History
The Sabbathday Lake Shaker Trading Routes Hillenberg,Nancy 1988
An Introduction to the Artist and His Work Kermes,Constantine 1988 Professional artist whose work focuses on Shaker, Amish and Orthodox themes;Lancaster, PA
An Introduction to Collections at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village Lilly,Paige 1988 Librarian for Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village
Image of the Shakers in the Media Lilly,Paige 1988
Hands to Work project coordinator Moriarty,Kathleen 1988 Author, A Shaker Sampler, Integrating Shaker Studies into Your Curriculum
An Introdcution to the Tradition of Shaker Herb Wreath Making Peoples,Nancy 1988 Kalamazoo, MI
Spin House Tour, Its History and Restoration Richards,David 1988 Curator of Collections: Sabbathday Lake, ME
Tour of herb gardents and herb department Smith,Br.Wayne 1988 Member, Shaker Family, Sabbathday lake, ME
The Church Family at New Lebanon, 1830 Sprigg,June 1988
Shaker Poplaware Boswell,Mary 1989 Author, The Earth Shall Blossom with G. Beale
Canterbury Shaker Furniture Collection Burks,Jean 1989 Author, The Complete Book of Shaker Furniture with T. Rieman
Shaker Bridge Heritage Child,Frances 1989
Iconography of Shaker Life Emlen,Rob 1989
20th Century Shakerism at Canterbury Fletcher,Brad 1989
Hess,Viola 1989 Seminar Co-director for Enfield, NH
Tour guide, Enfield, NH Hess,Wendell 1989 Seminar Co-Director for Enfield, H
Canterbury Shaker Snapshots: Introduction to the 20th Centurty Shakers at Canterbury Kathman,Richard 1989 Seminar Planning Committee
Behind the scenes at Canterbury, NH Kathman,Richard 1989
Enfield, NH Shaker Articfats leavitt,Robert H. 1989
Shaker Light Leitch,Dough 1989
Leyton,Victoria 1989 Seminar Planning Committee; Princeton, NJ
Mother's Work and the Holy Feast Ground Schwartz,Gregory 1989
Tour guide, Enfield, NH Smith,Carolyn 1989
Canterbury Pails Sprigg,June 1989
Canterbury Shakers I Have Known Thompson,Darryl 1989 Canterbury, NH
Shaker Baskets Wetherbee,Martha 1989 basket maker; author Martha Wetherbee's handbook, Shaker Baskets; Sandborton, NH