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Shakerpedia now has an alpha release of a searchable version of the Richmond 'Shaker Literature Bibliography'. The Bibliography has over 4000 references of books, articles and other materials by and about the Shakers. It is the most extensive single reference to writings by and about Shaker's. It is also many pages of references with only general sections and a basic index, this project provides digital indexing and lookup of the 2 volumes and nearly 600 pages of detailed references.

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There are a number of aspects still to be worked on, giving the following state:

  • Current web display shows simple text display of each entry, highlighted, with the entry before and after it.
  • The processing of the entries has had issues with some special characters like 1/2 or 1/5, messing up displaying
  • Each web page links to the pdf page with the main entry on the web page.
  • Some entries are not properly split from previous or next entry, this is addressed by the point above.
  • There a number of intermediate entries that are not numbered, since the OCR logic doesn't always get the right entry number.
  • Needs highlighted display of related symbols at the end of each entry, these are in the 'Symbol Keys' popup.
  • Needs linking on 'see also' entries
  • Hence the current state of the search will work best if you have available a copy of the printed book.


Title page and Table of contents

Compiled & Annotated by MARY L. RICHMOND, IN TWO VOLUMES


Foreword by John W. Chandler ix
Introduction xv
Organization xvi
Collectors and Collections xix
Shaker Manuscripts xxv
Previous Shaker Bibliographies xxvi
Entry Forms xxvii
Acknowledgments xxx
Symbols and Abbreviations xxxv
Shortened References xxxvii
Library Location Symbols xlvi
Books, Pamphlets, Broadsides 1
Almanacs 5-8
Catalogs, Broadsides, Advertising Flyers, Etc. 25-61
Indentures 113-114
Inventories 114-115
The Manifesto 138-142
Music Leaflets 152-155
Music Leaflets 152-155
Notices to Visitors, Rules of Behavior, Etc, 162-163
Novitiate Covenants 164
Patents 167-170
Periodical Articles 217
An Annotated Bibliography of the Reported Decisions of the Courts . . . Relating to
the Shakers, Compiled and Edited by Gerard C. Wertkin 247


Symbols and Abbreviations ix
Shortened References xi
Library Location Symbols xiii
Books, Parts of Books, Pamphlets 1
Periodical Articles 143
Addenda, Corrigenda, and Reprints 1973-1974 231
Supplement 1973-1974, and Forthcoming Works 247
Title and Joint Author Index 267
Published in 1977
by SHAKER COMMUNITY, INC. Hancock, Massachusetts
and distributed by the UNIVERSITY PRESS OF NEW ENGLAND, Hanover, New Hampshire


Eldress Catherine Allen
Elder Alonzo Giles Hollister
Eldress Emma B. King
Wallace Hugh Cathcart
John Patterson MacLean
Edward Brockway Wight
The pioneers whose remarkable foresight assured
the preservation of Shaker printed materials in the
collections that made this bibliography possible.