List of Shaker Dissertations

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Year Title Author School Resource
1995 "A Blessed Assembly of People White, Yellow and Black": Gender and Race Within the Experience of Early Western Shakerism Roberts, Kyle B. William College
2004 "A Good Faithful Sister": The Shaker Sisters of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky Nickless, Karen Kay University of South Carolina
2010 "A Promising Little Society". Kinship and Community Among the White Water Shakers 1824-1850 Cummings, Lindy N. Miami University resource
2008 "Does God See This?": Shakers, Slavery and the South Fletcher, Ryan Lee University of Mississippi
2002 "Does God See This?": The Shakers and Slavery Reconsidered Thompson, Jennifer Wright Harvard University
1996 "Erroneous Principles, Base Deceptions and Pious Frauds": Anti-Shaker Writing, Mary Marshall Dyer and the Public Theater of Apostasy DeWolfe, Elizabeth Ann Boston University
1998 "Holy Mount - Pleasant Grove": The North Family of Mount Lebanon Shaker Village in the Late Nineteenth Century Priestley, Wendy L. Kenerson The George Washington University
2009 "Let All Things Be Done Decently and in Order": Gender Segregation in the Seating of Early American Churches Warner, Caroline Everhard Athey The College of William and Mary
1983 "Shaking is No Foolish Play": An Anthropological Perspective on the American Shakers - Person, Time, Space and Dance-Ritual (Kentucky, Ohio, Northeast) Youngerman, Suzanne Columbia University
2014 "There Has Been Proved Among Believers With Great Success": An Exploration of an 1815 Book of Medical Receipts From the New Lebanon Shaker Community Hackett, Kerry University of Central Lancashire
1993 "Under Your Own Vines and Fig Trees": A Study of Joseph Meacham and the Indigenization of Millenialist, Perfectionist and Utopoian Themes in Shaker Religion Cunicelli, Elizabeth Ann Fordham University
2008 "Wo Keine Regiernug Existert, Gibt es Keinen God": Zivilreligion im Antebellum Amerika am Beispiel der Gemeinschaft der Shaker Kasischke, Tanja Wurzburg University
2010 "Ye Living Building": Spirit, Space and Ritual Encounter in Shaker America McLendon, Arthur E. University of Virginia
1984 A Body of Her Own: Femaile Celibacy in Three Nineteenth Century American Utopian Communities (Shakers, Koreshans, Commonwealth Sanctificationists) Kitch, Sally L. Emory University
1998 A Bounded Utopia: The Metaphysical Landscapes of Shaker Sacred Sheet Drawings Lutz, Eric John University of California, Santa Barbara
1986 A Comparative Analysis of Shaker and Commercial Broom Making in New York State and New England, 1790-1885 Wisbey, Peter A. St. Lawrence University
1978 A Descriptive/Historical Study of Environmental Factors That Effected Inventive and Innovative Creativity in Shaker Communities Toomey, Suzanne B. State University College @ Buffalo
1968 A Historical Study of the Shakers at the Busseron Settlement in Indiana Sheffler, Diana Marie Indiana State University
1950 A History of Shakerism in Maine Alley, Harold R. University of Maine
1993 A History of the Shaker Community at Narcoossee, Florida,1894-1916 Cole, Carolyn P. University of South Florida resource
1951 A Study and Evaluation of the Shakers Cooper, Frank G. Bates College
1971 A Study Into the Nature of Shaker Design Fraust, Howard Hunter College
1966 A Study of the Faith That Influenced Shaker Arts and Crafts Towne, Helena K. Central Connecticut State University
1950 A Study of the North Union, Ohio Society of Believers LeMaster, Grace Irene University of Akron
1970 A Study of the Shakers at Canterbury and Enfield, New Hampshire Davidson, Paul H. Keene State College
1966 A Survey of Selected Shaker Communities and the Reproduction of a Typical Piece of Shaker Furniture Lesh, Arthur Alvin Millesville State College
1994 A Thorn in the Text: Shakerism and the Marriage Narrative Pugh, Robert Michael University of New Hampshire
1976 A Transcription to Modern Notation of a Shaker Hymnal by Isaac Youngs Based Upon His Theory Book Christenson, Donald Edwin Indiana University of Pennsylvania
2004 Aesthetic Fate and the Shaker Example Sireci, Pieranthony Rollins College
1987 An Analysis of Doris Humphrey's Selection Process form Shaker Religious Rituals in Her Choreography of 'The Shakers' Lewis, Pamela L. Sam Houston State University
1948 An Economic History of the Shaker, New Harmony and Oneida Communities Gara, Larry The Pennsylvania State University
1992 An Historical Survey of Shaker Hymnody Expressing the Christian Virtues of Innocence and Simplicity Schaeffer, Vicki J. Indiana University
2004 Appeal of the Sisterhood: The Shakers and the Woman's Rights Movement Benningfield, Wendy R. University of Kentucky
2003 Barton Stone's Rejection of Shaker Unity Kobayashi, Junko Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary
2007 Believers in Dixie: A Cultural Geography of the Kentucky Shakers Rhorer, Marc Alan Florida Atlantic University
1976 Between Two Worlds: The Origins of Shaker Celibacy, Oneida Community Complex Marriage and Mormon Polygamy Foster, William Lawrence University of Chicago
2001 Beyond Plain and Simple: Shaker Furniture of the Late Nineteenth Century Rothgangel, Ella M. State University of New York @ Oneonta
1995 Bodies of Life: Shaker Literacies and Literature Madden, Etta Maureen University of New Hampshire resource
2004 Breezes of New Inspiration: Shaker Sisters, Mass Media and the 'Woman Question' Blohm, Amanda Indiana University
1983 Canterbury Shaker Village Visitor's Center Watson, Penelope Boston Architectural Center
2003 Christ Come Again: Shaker Theology and the Contemporary Christian Scott, Robert L. Gonzaga University
1970 Christology as a Communitarian Experience: The Participational Experience of the Community of Believers as Union With Christ in the Central Experience in the Theology of Shaker Christianity Morgan, John H. Hartford Seminary Foundation
1976 Come 'Round Right': The Philosophy, Arts and Crafts in the Shaker Tradition Stover, Vernon Northeast Missouri State University
2003 Common Labor, Common Lives: The Social Construction of Work in Four Communal Societies Hoehnle, Peter Andrew Iowa State University resource
1992 Communal Living Standards and Membership Incentives: The Shakers, 1780-1880 Murray, John Edward The Ohio State University resource
2009 Communion in South Union: An Archeological Analysis of a Shaker Colony Tallent, Daniel Western Kentucky University
1972 Communitarian Communism as a Religious Experience Exemplified in the Development od Shaker Theology Morgan, John H. Hartford Seminary Foundation
1988 Composition in Shaker Architecture Krueger, Kristie Janine Miami University
1972 Concern for Animals as Manifest in Five American Churches: Bible Christian, Shaker, Latter-Day Saints, Christian Scientist and Seventh-Day Adventist Jones, Gerald E. Brigham Young University
1977 Conformity and Digression in Communitarian Building: Shaker Architecture at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky Chemotti, Mary Rae University of Kentucky
2005 Continuing Revelation: An Idea and Its Contexts in Early America Holland, David F. Stanford University
2000 Dance and Doctrine: Shaker and Mormon Dancing as a Manifestation of Doctrinal Views of the Physical Body Cieslewicz, Lindsy Stewart Brigham Young University resource
1964 Development of Commercial Tourist Facilities for Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, Inc. Located in Mercer County, Kentucky Walden, John K. University of Kentucky
1976 Developments in Early Shaker Ethical Thought: A Thesis Taylor, Michael Brooks Harvard University
2006 Divine Resistance and Accommodation: Nineteenth Century Shaker and Mormon Bouundary Maintenance Strategies Taysom, Stephen C. Indiana University
1993 Dreams, Elementals and Astrals: The Diary of Leopold Goepper, 19th Century Shaker Butler, Erika Martin The Union Institute
1995 Economic Factors of Success and Failure in the Watervliet Shaker Community, 1820-1880 Haag, Catherine Munger State University of New York @ Albany
1976 Elder Frederick W. Evans: Shaker Spokesman, 1830-1893: Thesis LaPorte, Mary Hardman Trinity College
1995 Eleanor Hatfield's Journal: Women Writing on the Shaker Experience at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky Coveney, Nancy Coman University of Kentucky
2017 Establishing Community and Perpetuating Faith: The Shakers of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky Fleming, Katharine L. State University of New York @ Binghamton
1998 Faith and Practice: Mother Ann in Shaker Theology and Community Life Baker, Meredith University of Memphis
1988 Faithful Watchmen Upon the Walls of Zion: An Examination of Shaker Decline, 1830-1860 Thurman, Suzanne Ruth Indiana University
1979 Family and Leadership: Five Utopoian Socialist Communities in Nineteenth-Century America Levine, James D. University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill
1935 Family in a Selected List of American Communistic Socities, 1800-1850 Parvine, Margaret Mills College
1980 Finishing Techniques Used by the Shakers and Their Application to Furniture Finishing Today Marsh, Lester G. University of Wisconsin - Stout
1962 Five American Utopian Experiments: A Critical Analysis Laseter, Ernest Petty Kansas State College at Pittsburg
1951 Five Communal Sects: Their Origins, Aims and Results Fields, Roy P., Jr. College of the Bible
1955 Folk Song Elements in the Shaker Spiritual Patterson, Daniel W. University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill
1975 Hancock Shaker Village: A Guidebook Ott, John Harlow State University of New York @ Oneonta
1970 Heaven Invalidated: Divergence from Orthodoxy in Shaker Persuasion and Furniture Form Ray, Mary Lyn University of Delaware
2009 Holy Mount: Identity, Place, Religion and Narrative at New Lebanon Shaker Village 1759-1861 Letourneau, Marcus Reginald Queen's University (Canada) resource
1977 How Innovative and Opportune Were the Shakers In Their Health and Medical Practices Incorporating Contemporary Care in the Nineteenth-Century? Rice, Elizabeth H. State University of New York @ Brockport
2011 In the Land of Canaan: Religious Revival and Republican Politics in Early Kentucky Smith, Matthew David Miami University resource
1968 Inspiration at New Lebanon: A Study of Music Education Among the Shakers Scheinfeld, Elaine City University of New York
1976 Institutionalized Charisma in Nineteenth-Century Utopias Keyes, Jane Gordon Southern Illinois University
2011 Life at the Watervliet Shaker Village: An Archeological and Historical Approach Grygas, Joseph State University of New York @ Albany
1977 Love, Labor and Self-Control: Sex Roles and Sexuality in Three Nineteenth-Century American Utopian Communities Kern, Louis John Rutgers University
1990 Machines Among the Shakers: The Adoption of Technology by the Mount Lebanon Community, 1790-1865 Vadnais, Andrew John University of Delaware
1986 Mansions, Drums and Diadems: Problematic Language in Shaker Songs Brua, Charles R. The Pennsylvania State University
2016 Material in the Immaterial World: Material Culture and the Realization of Utopia in Communities of Shakers, Mormons and Oneida Perfectionists Kim, Kelsey George Mason University resource
1980 Millenial Praises: An Historical and Theogical Assessment of Shaker Hymns Selby, Hillary Anne Indiana University
1996 Mother Ann's Work: Gender and Discourse in Early Shaker History Berger, Karmen Renee University of California, Irvine
1988 Music of the Shakers from Union Village, Ohio: A Repertory Study and Tune Index of the Manuscripts Originating in the 1840's Christenson, Donald Edwin The Ohio State University resource
2002 Negotiating Ideologies: Anti-Shaker Literature McPhie, Megan Anderson Harvard University
1975 New England Folk Religions, 1770-1815: The Sectarian Impulse In Revolutionary Society: A Thesis Marini, Stephen A. Harvard University
1969 Ohio: A Communitarian Microcosm, 1805-1850 Crouch, Tom Day Miami University
1981 Oliver C. Hampton and Other Shaker Teacher-Musicians of Ohio and Kentucky Smith, Harold Vaughn Ball State University
2016 Perfect Child, Perfect Faith: Raising Children in Ninteenth-Century Religious Communities Gudgeirsson, Meg Eppel University of California, Santa Cruz resource
2003 Performing Perfection: 'Spiritual Theater' on the Shakers' Holy Hills Hutton, Nancy S. Mount Holyoke College
1955 Pleasant Hill: A Century of Kentucky Shakerism, 1805-1910 Ham, Francis Gerald University of Kentucky
1990 Pragmatic Christians: A Study of the Dairy Industry at New Lebanon Shaker Village Fleming, Katherine L. State University of New York @ Binghamton
1975 Program Development for a Small Museum Roberts, Ruth Winne State University of New York @ Oneonta
1998 Putting the Shakers 'In Place': Union Village, Ohio, 1805-1815 Bakken, Dawn Elizabeth Indiana University
2002 Rampant Religion and Scandal Sects: The Interpretation of Socially Sensitive Topics at Nineteenth-Century Utopian Communities Walden, Barbara B. State University of New York @ Oneonta
2004 Rational Renegades: Antibellum Anti-Shakers, Shaker Apostates and the Literary Imagination Woo, Ilyon Columbia University
1991 Reconstructing the Boundaries of Community: The Sabbathday Lake Shakers in the Post-Bellum Era, 1870-1920 Richards, David L. University of Southern Maine
1991 Reinterpreting the Built Environment of the Shakers Within the Context of the New England Tradition of Building Rosenwald, Heidi University of Virginia
1971 Religious Utopianism: A Contemporary Study of Three Sects Whitworth, John McKelvie University of Oxford
1987 Right-Brain Expressions of Religious Experience: A Bimodal Paradigm in Shaker Case Studies Bortolino-Green, Diane Lyn Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
1985 Ritual and Anti-Structure: The Worship Practices of American Shakers Kidd. Jay Union Theological Seminary
2010 Seeking Shakers: Two Centuries of Visitors to Shaker Villages Bixby, Brian L. University of Massachusetts, Amherst resource
2000 Serpentine Advances in Sacred Space: Representations of the Shaker in American Literature Miller, Daisy Sophia State University of New York @ Stony Brook
2008 Sex and Family in the Kingdon on Earth: Reinterpreting Family and Sexuality in the Shaker and Oneida Communities Mackey, Heather California State University, Long Beach
1992 Shaker and Modern Equality Examined White, Cheryl K. Colorado College
1997 Shaker Apologetics: Criticisms of the Shakers During Their First Hundred Years and Shaker Replies Harmon, James Queen's College
2005 Shaker Architectural Materials and Craftsmanship: The Second Meetinghouse at Mount Lebanon, New York, U.S.A. Johansson, Erika Goteborg University
1991 Shaker Architecture:? A Comparative Study of Shaker Architecture in Twenty-Four Communities throughout the Midwest and New England States Weil, Ella Eastern Michigan University
1968 Shaker Art and Architecture Mackey, James Western Connecticut State College
1963 Shaker Beliefs Concerning the Ownership of Property and the Battle for Legal Recognition Gouine, Carolee Ann Eastern Michigan University
2005 Shaker Children: Their Lives, Literatures and Literacies Hurlbut, Joanne E. State University of New York @ Albany
1995 Shaker Folk Art: An American Art Jourdan, Jodi M.D. St. Cloud State University
1987 Shaker Furniture During the Development of the Shaker Movement in America Hooten, Dana Rae California State University, Long Beach
1950 Shaker Furniture: A Study in the Integrity of Design Kahney, Jack D. Bradley University
1974 Shaker Furniture: The Expression of God's Master Craftsmen Popek, Barbara G. Trenton State College
1970 Shaker Hymns: A Reflection of the Culture Gould, Janet Watson San Diego State College
1998 Shaker Music Theory: The Nineteenth Century Treatises of Issac Newton Youngs and Russell Haskell Bell, Vicki P. University of Kentucky
1946 Shaker Music: A Manifestation of American Folk Culture Cook, Harold E. Western Reserve University
1942 Shaker Music: A Thesis Presented in Partial Fulfillment for the Degree Master of Music Crecraft, Jane Willis University of Michigan
2018 Shaker Packaging: The Design of Patent Medicines Horne, Brockett The Bard Graduate Center
1988 Shaker Ritual, Shaker Life: A Geertzian Approach to the Shaker Religion Kaser, James A. Bowling Green State University
1978 Shaker Spiritualism: With Specific Attention Given to Spiritual Communications Received by the Society at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky for 1838-1843 Ramage, Christy Indiana University
1971 Shakerism in Jacksonian America: As Observed by European Visitors in the United States Williams, Marilen Jane Payne Georgia State University
1962 Shakerism in the Old West Ham, Francis Gerald University of Kentucky
1983 Shakers Weaver, W. Hollis Miami University
1992 Shakers and Movers: The Demographic Decline of the Canterbury Church Family Fletcher, Bradley University of New Hampshire
1961 Shakers in American Fiction Cati, Herma Ramsey University of Tennessee
2009 Shakers, Religion and Citizenship in the Early American Republic Good, Polly Jane University of Oregon
2002 Shaking the Faith: Women, Family and Mary Marshall Dyer's Anti-Shaker Campaign, 1815-1867 DeWolfe, Elizabeth Ann Boston University
1991 Simply Shaker: The Rise and Development of Popular Images of the Shakers DeWolfe, Scott F. University of Southern Maine resource
1968 Some Aspects of Nineteenth-Century American Folk Life as Reflected in the Shaker Journals of South Union, Kentucky Thomason, Jean Healan Western Kentucky University
2011 Spirited Into America: Narratives of Possession, 1650-1820 Howard, Joy A. J. Purdue University
1988 Spiritual Spectacles: Shaker Gift Drawings in Religious Context Promey, Sally M. University of Chicago
1993 Structures for Communal Life: Shaker Dwelling Houses at Mount Lebanon, New York Nicoletta, Julie Yale University
1985 Sweet Seclusion: The Shaker Sisterhood Gerrard, Jessica Susan Mount Holyoke College
1974 Symbol, Structure and Reality: Forms of Worship of the New England Shakers Zimmerman, Karen Voci American University resource
2001 The 1846 Shaker Ministry Shop at South Union, Kentucky: History, Existing Conditions and Recommendations for Restoration Goodwillie, Christian School of the Art Institute of Chicago
1985 The American Shakers and Their Architecture: A Physical Statement of Religious Ideals Carlson, Lance H. Vanderbilt University
1941 The Biography of a Farm Journal and the Wisdom It Imparted to a People Flather, George Elmer Dartmouth College
1988 The Canterbury Shakers: A Demographic Study Borges, Richard Corbit University of New Hampshire
2014 The Children Shall Rise Up and Call Thee Blessed': The Transformation Frpm Spiritual Custodians to Shaker Mothers, 1800-1940 Jeschke, Kristen M. University of New Hampshire
1989 The Connoisseurship of Shaker Furniture Simpson, Joan S. Hollins College
1936 The Early Shakers: An Experiment in Religious Communism Chase, Daryl University of Chicago
1993 The Economic and Political Roles of Women in Six Nineteenth-Century American Religious Utopias, 1820-1880 Marion, Nelda Neal Appling University of Houston - Clear Lake
1965 The Economic Development of the South Union Shaker Colony 1807-1861 Keith, John M., Jr. Western Kentucky University resource
1986 The Eschatology of Shaker Christianity Deignan, Kathleen Patricia Fordham University
1964 The Establishment of the Shaker Church in the United States, 1774-1809 Thomson, Gary E. Humboldt State University
1939 The History of the Millenial Church: With Special Reference to Political, Social Economic and Cultural Institutions of the Shakers Gushman, Walter University of Southern California
1993 The Ideology of Gender and Community: Housing the Woman-Led Family L'Heureux, Marie Alice McGill University (Canada)
1992 The Image of the Shakers in American Fiction Simpson-Walker, Holly University of South Florida
1976 The Impact of Shaker Design on the Work of Charles Sheeler Jacob, Mary Jane University of Michigan
1955 The Influence of Christianity Upon Three American Utopian Experiments: The Shaker Colonies, Oneida Community and Brook Farm Wilson, Laura Minnie University of Maine
1986 The Influence of Gender Imagery for God: A Case Study in Theology and Narrative Using the Shaker Father-Mother God Metaphor Mercadante, Linda Angela Princeton Theological Seminary
1987 The Language of Devotion: Gospel Affection and Gospel Union in the Writings of Shaker Sisters Gooden, Rosemary Diane University of Michigan
1984 The Looms of Cultural Change: A Material Culture Analysis of Shaker Textiles, 1773-1900 Hillenburg, Nancy Dufour California State University, Fullerton
2007 The Narratives of Ann Lee as a Core Component of Shaker Theological Evolution Cook, Matthew Allen Western Kentucky University resource
1996 The New Lebanon Shaker Children's Order Graham, Judith A. Iowa State University resource
1994 The Order of Nature, The Order of Grace: Community Formation, Female Status and Relations With the World in the Shaker Villages of Harvard and Shirley, Massachusetts, 1781-1875 Thurman, Suzanne Ruth Indiana University
2013 The Politics of Sexual Restraint: Debates Over Chastity in America, 1780-1860 French, Kara Maureen University of Michigan resource
1996 The Rise and Fall of Mother's Southwestern Branch: A Socio-Demographic Study of the Shaker Community at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, 1805-1910 Rhorer, Marc Alan University of Kentucky
1991 The Role of Hymn Texts in the Sociocultural Development of the Shakers Stiver, Wendy Sue University of Southern California
2012 The Role of Sister Hannah: An Examination of the Actor's Process Coates, Diana Rene Regent University
2005 The Role of Theology in the Production of Space in Shaker Societies Carter, Catherine Lee University of Maryland, College Park resource
1972 The Shake Letteral System: A Practical Approach to Music Notation Hall, Roger B. State University of New York @ Binghamton
1991 The Shaker Aesthetic: Permanent Myth, Tradition and New Ritual Richmond, Kenneth C. University of Notre Dame
1989 The Shaker Children's Order Graham, Judith A. Iowa State University
2014 The Shaker City Dance Hall Bridgman, Izak Dalhousie University resource
1975 The Shaker Garden Seed Industry Frisbee, Margaret Van Allen Cornell University
1966 The Shaker Garden Seed Industry Sommer, Margaret Van Allen Frisbee University of Maine
1980 The Shaker Personal Narrative: Studies in a Nineteenth Century Autobiographical Tradition Sasson, Sarah Diane University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill
1979 The Shaker Response to Industrialism: A Case Study of the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Community, 1848-1896 Hall, Alan M. University of Maine
1969 The Shaker Societies in Ohio: A Study in Nineteenth-Century American Social and Intellectual History Benkhart, Paula K. The Ohio State University
1980 The Shaker Utopia and the American Way: Conformity in Dissent Krugly, Ruth Brandeis University
1952 The Shakers Newman, Lawrence Dartmouth College
1985 The Shakers in American Fiction McAdams, Ruth Ann Texas Christian University
1956 The Shakers of South Union Venerable, Wilber R. University of Kentucky
1941 The Shakers: A Case Study in Social Variation Butts, Carl Frederick Yale University
1982 The Shakers: A Case Study in the Dynamics of an Established Sect Cuneo, Michael W. Toronto School of Theology
1988 The Shakers: A Life in the Spirit Weisburg, Ilene Kay Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1970 The Shakers: North Union Society, 1822-1889 Fiordalis, Stuart C. Hanover College
1950 The Shakers: Their Crafts and Industries Knaus, Lionel The Ohio State University resource
1969 The Simple Builders: The Shakers, Their Villages and Architecture Anderson, Philip James St. Louis University
1992 The South Union, Kentucky Shakers and Tradition: A Study of Business, Work and Commerce Wolford, John Brenton Indiana University
1978 The Three Meetinghouses of the Enfield, Connecticut Shakers: Examined With the Contexts of Enfield Shaker History, Shaker Worship and Shaker Religious Architecture Piraino-Holevoet, Elaine University of Connecticut
1980 The United Society of Believers, the Shakers: A Study of the Natural Evolution of a Peculiar Ideology Martinka, Jeffrey C. University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
1989 Theological and Cultural Influences on the Aesthetics of Shaker Gift Drawings Emerson, Nancy Gage San Diego State University
2012 Through Their Stomachs: Shakers, Food and Business Practices in the Nineteenth Century Murray, Ruth Ann Boston University
2017 Unfaithful Architecture: Reproducing Shaker Period Rooms in the American Wing Geolas, Athanasiou Cornell University resource
1994 Utopia in America: Creating a Place for Dissent Ash, Scott E. University of Rochester
1998 Utopian Marriage in Nineteenth-Century America: Public and Private Discourse Olsen, Brenda Andrus Brigham Young University resource
2006 Utopian Religionis in America: The Shakers, the Oneoda Perfectionists and the Mormons; An Issue of Survival Kirkbride, Robin Eastern Michigan University
1986 Utopian Visions and Their Critics: Press Reactions to American Utopias in the Ante-Bellum Era Sataty, Nechama University of Pennsylvania
1970 Values in Conflict: A Content Analysis of Writings About the Shakers, 1774-1799 Brumm, Walter Alva The Ohio State University resource
1999 Victorian Views: Stereographs of Mt. Lebanon Shaker Community, 1865-1895 Livingston, Judith Ann University of Delaware (Winterthur Program)
1998 Vision and Practice: Resistance and Dissent in Shaker Communities Savulis, Ellen-Rose University of Massachusetts, Amherst
2003 Visions of Others: Changes in Shaker Doctrine as Viewed Through the Acceptance or Denial of Popular Worldy Fashion Praria, Kimberly D. State University of New York @ Oneonta
1986 Visitors Center, Research Library: Hancock Shaker Village, City of Peace, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Young, Katherine Leigh University of Pennsylvania
2013 Went Off to the Shakers: The First Converts of South Union Black, William R. Western Kentucky University resource
1988 Whitewater Architecture: A Study of Extant Shaker-Related Buildings on Whitewater-Owned Land in Southwest Ohio Miller, Beth J. Parker Wright State University
1979 Woman of the Apocalypse: The Reincorporation of the Feminine Through the Second Coming of Christ in Ann Lee Setta, Susan Margaret The Pennsylvania State University
2001 Women & Universal Salvation: promise, practice & Everyday Lifee in the Shakers, Universalists and Universla Society of Friends, 1770-1820 Horowitz, Leslie Ann Cornell University
1970 Women and Utopia: The Shaker and Oneida Perfectionist Attempts to Achieve an Earth by Enlarging the Family to Do Away with Selfishness Foster, William Lawrence Antioch College
1983 Women in Shaker Community and Worship: A Feminist Theological Analysis of the Use of Religious Symbolism Proctor-Smith, Marjorie University of Notre Dame
1989 Women in the Authority Structure of Shakerism: A Study of Social Conflict and Social Change Mihok, Marsha Drew University
1978 Women in the Communitarian Movement: A Comparative Study of the Role and Ttreatment of Women in the Shaker, Mormon and Oneida Communities in Nineteenth-Century America Ouverson, Laura Roy Tulane University
2012 Women's Apostate Narratives and the Fate of the Family in Antebellum America Berman, Cassandra N. University of Maryland, College Park resource
1971 Words of Comfort, Gifts of Love: Spirit Manifestations Among the Shakers, 1837-1845 Rohmann, Eric Antioch College
1950 Yielding Hands: Or an Examination of Affairs at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky with Particular Attention to Those Temporal Hughes, Marjory Douglas University of Louisville