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Cathcard refers to the detailed Rolodex card name index created by Wallace Cathcart. It catalogs all names that occur in the Shaker journals collection built by Wallace Cathcart as director of Western Reserve Historical society. They are available nationwide on microfilm, at many university and major libraries. The card index occurs on Reel 123 and described as WRHS index entry

More about that in the Richmond_introduction

The cards have been digitized by Shakerpedia with transcription as a crowd sourced project.

    • To see the index (10 sets and individual cards as transcribed) go to Cathcard Entries
      • The index has 3 levels, each microfilm set, the name and village on each card, and the full card contents
      • The microfilm sets are numbered in order as they were saved, these numbers are for reference only.
      • The cards are numbered based on a stamp on the lower right of each card, and these are the numbers referred to often in research. There are a few anomalies since this card set was made by hand in around 1910. There were extra cards added (numbered #a, #b etc) and a few skipped.
      • The details on the card have been digitally scanned and range from fully digital to unreadable, depending on the quality of the image, the vast number of the cards have valid names and villages.