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All collections of Shaker work derives from the dissolution of most of the Shaker communities in the 1910-1930's.

The most well known collections are the result of the efforts of Faith and Edward Deming Andrews, as originally described in the book "A people called Shakers" and more recently the exhibit "Gather Up the Fragments".

The most extensive collection of documents is represented by the Western Reserve collection that is microfilmed and available, in part or total, in many libraries and museums.

BUT these are merely the most visible of many collections of the productive work of the Shakers as manifest in craft work, art work and many many journals. Here are some of the places these collections can be found:

Active Shaker Community

Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village: Museum and Library

Shaker Sites now museums

Digital Collections and Resources

University, College and Library Collections

Online Research Aids

Major Museum/Minor Collections