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22nd Annual Shaker Seminar -- Canterbury and Enfield

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Lectures for 1996

"Shaker Poplarware & Other Fancy Works" with M.Gibbs Author, The Earth Shall Blossom with M. Boswell Galen Beale
A Consistent Testimony: Songs, Correspondence and testimony of Enfield Shakers Music teacher Mary Ann Wilde-Hagen
An Overview of the Canterbury Obituary Journal Professor of English, Southwest Missouri State Univ., Springfield, MO Etta Madden
Angels Emblems workshop Sr.Karlyn Cauley
Angels in Verse & Vision Member, Sister of the Divine Savior, Milwaukee, WI Sr.Karlyn Cauley
Black Shakers in America: The South Union Experaince Director of Education, Shakertown at South Union, KY Sharon Koomler
Eldress Emma King, Canterbury, NH Professor, Norwich Univ., Norwich, VT Erika Butler
From the Shaker Messenger to Shakers World: An Introduction Editors, Shaker World; Manchester, CT Alana and K.C. Parkinson
Garden Restoration Project at Canterbury Shaker Village Herbalist at Canterbury Shaker Village, NH Heidi Hurzberger
Gender and Identity in Male Shaker Apostate Literature Professor of English, College of Our Lady of the the Elms, Chicopee, MA James Gallant
Shaker Originated Fruits and Vegetable Varieties Supervisor in training at Canterbury Shaker Village Darryl Thompson
Shaker Poplaware and Other Fancy Works with G.Beale Author Marge Gibbs
Shaker Seedboxes Marty Travis
Shaker Small Crafts from NH Steve Miller
Shaker Tales in the Worlds Nineteenth Century Literature CSV historical interpreter; adjunct professor of English, Univ. of NH, Manchester and St. Anselms College, Manchester, NH Michael Pugh
Tales of Apostate Woe Adjunct professor, Westbrook College, Portland, ME Elizabeth DeWolf
The Art and Architecture of the Shaker Scott Swank
The Healing Gift Canterbury Shaker Village Sabra Welch
The Players Assemble, Canterbury 1875-1900, Prelude to the Twentieth Century Steve Paterwic
The Shaker and The Amish Artist in residence for Exhibition of Paintings and Prints at the Museum at Lower Shaker Village Constantine Kermes
The Shaker Marketplace with R. Wilkinds Courcier & Wilkins Antiques; Austerlitz, NY Suzanne Courcier
The Shaker Marketplace with S. Courcier Courcier and Wilkins Antiques; Austerlits, NY Robert Wilkins
The Shakers of Enfield, NH Wendell Hess
Welcome to Canterbury Shaker Village President, Canterbury Shaker Village, NH Scott Swank
Welcone to the Museum at Lower Shaker Village Director , Museum at Lower Shaker Village Enfield, NH Sarah Saville Shaffer