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Seminars by year

topic last, first year area
Discussion with D.Serette Johnson,Br.Ted 1975 Member, Shaker Family, Sabbathday Lake, ME
Shaker Furniture Kassay,John 1975 Woodworker; author The Book of Shaker Furniture; San Bruno, CA
The Shakers of New Lebabon McCannon,Robert 1975 Darrow School teacher
Restoration Ott,John 1975 Director, Hancock Shaker Village
Discussion with Br.T. Johnson Serette,Br.David 1975 Member; Shaker Family, Sabbathday Lake Author, Shaker Smalls
Religous Communism in America Wisbey,Herb 1975 Founder and Director, Elmira College Shaker Seminar; Professor Emeritus Elmira College; Author, The Sodus Shaker Community: Horse-heads, NY
Shaker Spiritualism Wisbey,Herb 1975
Seminar Photographer Rice,Clark 1975-9 Professional photographer; Perry, NY
Kentucky Shakers Dones,Jean 1976 Columbus, OH
The Obvious and Not so Obvious Characteristics of Shaker Furniture Kassay,John 1976
Ohio Shakers Kistler,Steve 1976 Proprietor, The Shaker Seed Box Company
Mt. Lebanon Furniture McCannon,Robert 1976
Victorian Influences on the Shakers Ott,John 1976
Shaker Celibacy Wisbey,Herb 1976
Oval box makiing workship Grant,Jerry 1977 Box Maker
Shaker MUsic Its Meaning and Message Hall,Roger 1977 Music arranger, consultant, editor; lecturer, author The Story of Simple Gifts- Shaker Simplicity in Song The Happy Journey; regular contributor to The Shaker Messenger
Workers from the World at Mt. Lebanon Koepp,Lucretia 1977
Ohio Shakers and Preservation Muller,Charles 1977 Editor Ohio Antique Review; co-author The Shaker Chair; Canal Winchester, OH
The Shakers and Other Religous Communal Groups Wisbey,Herb 1977
Frederick Evans Wisbey,Herb 1977
Dance Program with R.Hall Anderson,Cheryl 1978
Shaker Miniatures Cress,Kit 1978 Gift of doll house replica of Center Family Dwelling at Pleasant Hill to South Union, KY museum
Shaker MUsic Its Meaning and Message Hall,Roger 1978
Dance program with C.Anderson Hall,Roger 1978
Shaker Furniture Kassay,John 1978
Ohio Shakers Kistler,Steve 1978 Seminar Planning committee
Enfield NH Shakers Leavitt,Robert 1978 Lebanon, NH town historian
Enfiled, CT Shakers Piraino-Holevoet,Elaine 1978 Graduate Student; New Haven, CT
Shaker Medical Pratices Rice,Betty 1978 Nurse practitioner; Perry, NY
Sodus-Groveland Shakers Wisbey,Herb 1978
Shaker Spiritualism and Fountain Stones Wisbey,Herb 1978
Mt.Lebanon Emlen,Rob 1978en Author Shaker Village Views
The Rise of Pleasant Hill Clark,Thomas D. 1979 History Professor Emeritus, Univ. of KY
Shaker Graphics and Design Keig,Susan 1979 Graphic designer; Chicago, IL
Introduction to South Union Neal,Julia 1979 Pioneer historic Shaker preservationist; Shakertown at South Union, KY. Shaker scholar; author the Kentucky Shakers; By Their Fruits; The Journal of Eldress Nancy
Behind the Scenes Nickles,Ed 1979 Curator, Pleasant Hill, KY
Herbs at Pleasant Hill Pope,Debbie 1979
Music Progam Stapp,Colleen 1979
Shaker Spinning Wheels Taylor,Michael 1979 Co-author American Spinning Wheels; Marietta, GA
A Comparison of the Shaker and the Benedictine Order Whitaker,Br.Thomas 1979 Member of the Order of St. Benedict; resident at St. Mark's Priory, South Union, KY; author of numerous articles for The Shaker Messenger
The Shakers of Georgia and Florida Wisbey,Herb 1979