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Annual Shaker Seminar -- South Union and Pleasant Hill

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Lectures for 2001

A Patter of Patterson: Shaker Music from East to West to East Shaker Seminar Music Coordinator Dale Spencer
An Exhibit Emerging: The 2002 Shaker Exhibit at Heritage Plantation of Sandwich Art Museum Assistant Curator, Heritage Plantation, Sandwich MA Karen Conway
Ann Lee As Seen From a British Perspective Vern Squire
Intrepid Missionaries and Lost Chickens: Shaker Travels to the West Gathering Chair and Professor of Religion, Mount Holyoke College,South Hadley MA Jane Crosthwaite
Kentucky's "Southern" Shakers: A Case for Revision of the East-West Dichotomy in Shaker Scholarship Director of Undergraduate Studies, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL Mark Rhorer
Recognition and Recollection: The Scattering of South Union's History, 1903-1922 Tommy Hines
Shaker Barns of South Union and Pleasant Hill Rich Spence
Shaker Collecting-A Retrospective Fran Kramer
Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill Today President, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill James C. Thomas
South Union Ministry Shop Restoration Hancock Shaker Village Collections Department Intern Christian Goodwillie
South Union Preservation Update Executive Director, Shaker Museum at South Union Jerry Wooten
The Kentucky Revivals Education Specialist, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Susan Hughes
The Late Great Shaker Medicine Show Dr. M. Stephen Miller
The Shakers and the Shawnees in the Old Northwest John Silvano
Watervliets in the West RoseMary Lawson