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25th Annual Shaker Seminar -- Hancock, Tyringham and Enfield

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Lectures for 1999

A Shaker Seminar Retrospective: Celebrating Our 25th Annivesary Year Jean Dones
Commentary on The Enfield, CT Shakers with R. Von Euw Steve Paterwic
Concert. Music of Hancock Shaker Hymnal Deborah Leath Rentz
Decision, Decliine and Departure of the Enfield, CT Shakers Ruth Von Euw
From A (Andrews) to T (Tooley): How the World Saw the Shakers in the 20th Century Fran Kramer
Furniture of the Shaker Bishopric : Hancock MA & Enfield, CT Jean Burks
Hancock Shaker Village, Inc. : A Work in Progress: Director, Hancock Shaker Village Seminar Program Planning Committee Lawrence Yerdon
Images of the Cities of Peace, Love & Union Deborah Burns
Panel Discussion An Introduction to the World of On-line Auctions Robert Hamilton
Panel discussion An Introduction to the World of On-line Auctions Fran Kramer
Panel Discussion An Introduction to the World of ON-line Auctions Michael Zak
Panel Disscussion An Introduction to the World of On-line Auctions Gustave Nelson
Points of View: The Exhibition of Shaker Objects in Museums Settings A. Donald Emerich
Seminar Music Coordinator Dale Spencer
Shaker Barns in the Context of 19th Century Vernacular Architecture: New Insights Ned Pratt
Shaker Cities of Peace, LOve & Union Deborah Burns
Shaker Life, Art and Architecture Author, Shaker Life, Art and Architecture Scott Swank
The Mysteries of Tyringham Unmasked: A New Examination of People, Facts, and Figures Semiinar Program Planning Committee Steve Paterwic
The Savoy Shakers: Revisting the Shaker Society at Savoy David D. Newell
The Shaker Seminar Now My Dear Companions, Lets Move On Seminar Programing Planning Committee Sharon Koomler
The Shakers and Their products: Part II Steve Miller The Internet Transformation of the World of Collecting and Antiques Gustave Nelson