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23rd Annual Shaker Seminar -- South Union and Pleasant Hill

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Lectures for 1997

South Union Program Coordinator Dale Spencer
Beyond the Photographs:Biographies of South Union Shakers Seminar Programing Planning Committee Sharon Koomler
Collecting Shaker: An Historical perspective of the Last Three Decades Author, The Shaker Way Charles Muller
Fiinding Holy Sinai's Plain Kim McBride
Ho! For Drakes Creek Donna Parker
Pleasant Hill and the Civil War Historic Preservation Coordinator, Commonwealth of KY Nicky Hughes
Pleasant Hill Architecture Education Specialist , Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Susan Hughes
Point Counterpoint: A Comparison of South Union and Pleasant Hill Shaker Furniture with T. Hines Director of Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill.Seminar Programing Planning Committee. Larrie S Curry
Point-Counterpoint: A Comparison of South Union and Pleasent Hill Shaker Furniture with L.Currie Tommy Hines
Pursuing All Leads: Maps of the Shaker West Co-author of Maps of the Shaker West Martha Boice
Reading with songs by N. McDowell Seminar Program Planning Committee Steve Paterwic
Shaker Contracts of Indenture Attorney who has researched Shaker contracts of indenture Elizabeth Baker
South Union by Metes and Bounds Co -author Maps of the Shaker West Dale Covington
South Union-It's Past, It's Preservation, It's Progress Seminar Program Planning Committee Tommy Hines
The Artisan as Individual and Communityarian: The Life of Isaac Newton Youngs Professor of Political Science , Univ. of Louisville, KY Susan Matarese
The Farmer's Art: The Arricultural Architecture of the Shakers Richard Spence
The Pleasant Hill Singers Music and Special Programs Manager, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Randy Folger
The Preservation of Pleasant Hill Architecture President and CEO, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, KY James Thomas
Tour guide for Shaker Museuk Sites History teacher; former asst. to director Shaker Museum at South Union Mike Sisk
Within the Mulberry Bower Opening exhibition of original art sponsored by The Shaker Museum at South Union Sr.Karlyn Cauley
Within the Mulberry Bower Curator of Collections, Hancock Shaker Village Sharon Koomler