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20th Anniversary Shaker Seminar -- Harvard and Shirley

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Lectures for 1994

A Shaker Song Sampler song master Stephen Marini
Alfred Collier, Harvard, 1850-1860: An Intimate Portrait of Shakerism Jerry Grant
Eldress Prudence Stickney: Sabbatday Lake, Maine Eldress of Shaker Family at Chosen Land Sr.Frances Carr
Harvard Historical Society Open House President, Harvard Historical Society Joseph Theriault
Harvard Shaker Village Tour Harvard site coordinator Pleasent Hill, KY Mary Stock
Harvard Shaker Village Tours New Office hosts Kitty and Philip Finkelpearl
Harvard Shaker Village Tours The Square House hosts Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gaewicke
Harvard Shaker Village Tours Carpenter's Shop hosts for tour Erhart Muller
Harvard Shaker Villge Tours South Family dwelling house and site hosts Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Warner
Host for Harvard Shaker Village Tours Church Family Barn foundation and site hosts Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moran
Images of Seminars Past: An Anniversary Retrospective Longtime student of Shaker history Jean Dones
Introduction to Shirley site tour Tour guide for Shirley Shaker Site. Former president of Shirley Historical Society Meredith Marcinkewicz
Living with Shaker: The Hamilton Collection Collector of Shaker furniture Robert Hamilton
New Thoughts on Shaker Architecture Student of Shaker architecture, history and culture A. Donald Emerich
Recent Finds in the World of Shaker Ephemera: A Five Year Update Scholar and lecturer in the field of Shaker ephemera Steve Miller
Remembrance of Olive Hayden Austin: 1896-1987, Hancock Shaker Village: 1903-1935 Jackie Watson
Retrospective of Shaker Inspired Drawings Sr.Karlyn Cauley
Shaker Art, Live and Belief: What Shaker About Shaker Design? Professor, School of Art and Design, Boston University. Author, The Shaker World: Art, Life, Belief John Kirk
Shaker Samplers and Shaker Women;s Lives June Sprigg
The First Century of Shaker Trustees at Shirley, MA Steve Paterwic
The Polenad Hill, Maine Shaker Family Dealer in Shaker ephemera Scott DeWolf
The Shaker Farm Excavations, Ashburnham, Director of Fitchburg Museum, MA Peter Timms
The Shaker Marketplace Willis Henry
Thoreau , Emerson, Alcott: What was Trancendentalism Fran Kramer
Tour guide for Shirley site tour Terry Barry
Tour guide for Shirley site tour Sandy Famsworth
Tour guide for Shirley site tour Meredith Marcinkewicz
Tour guide for Shirley site tour Kathleen Moriarty
tour guide for Shirley site tour Steve Paterwic
Tour guide for Shirley tour President of Shirley Historical Society Ruth Rhonemus
Understanding the Harvard Shakers Former curator at Fruitlands Museums Margaret Stier
Welcome Facilities Administrator, MA Correctional Institution, Shirley, MA Mitchael Corsini
Welcome and Introduction to Fruitlands Director, Fruitlands Museums Robert Farwell