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Annual Shaker Seminar -- Enfield

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Lectures for 1992

Enfield Shaker Bonnets Special education teacher Nancy Hillenberg
Frederick DeZeng & the Shakers: The Utilization of Computers in Shaker Research with S. Mallula Assoc. Dean of Liberal Arts, CA University of PA Walter Brumm
Frederick DeZeng and the Shakers: The Utilization of Computers in Shaker Research with W.Brumm Professor of Education, Messiah College, PA Sandra Mallula
Images and Memories of Seminars Past Betty Rice
Restoration in Prgress at Canerbury Shaker Village Tour Author, A Shaker Family Album with D. Starbuck Scott Swank
Shaker Revels Music Program Director of shaker Revels, Norwich, VY Mary Ann Wilde-Hagen
Shaker: The Simper Form. Outstanding Works From Chicago Collections with E. Disch Retired teacher Judy McCaskey
Shaker: The Simple Form. Outstanding Works from Chicago Collections wish J. McCaskey Retired teacher President, Friends of the Shakers, Sabbathday Lake Elaine Disch
The Meeting Houses of Moses Johnson Seminar Associate Director; Planning Committee Wendell Hess
The Millerites and the Shakers Retired elementary school teacher Ruth Von Euw
The Murder of Caleb Dyer Conservation technician, NH Newspaper Project of Dartmouth College, NH Doug Leitch
The Valley Forge Group and the Shakers Steve Paterwic
Welcome and Recent Restoration Projects At Canterbury Shaker Village Director, Canterbury Shaker Village Scott Swank
Welcome to newly constructed Moses Johnson Shaker Meeting House Dana Robes Wood Craftsmen, Enfield, NH Dana Robes