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11th Annual Shaker Seminar -- North Union and Pleasant Hill

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Lectures for 1986

A Tribute Pioneer historic Shaker preservationist, Pleasant Hill, KY James Couger
A Tribute Pioneer historic Shaker preservationist; Shakertown, South Union, KY Deedy Hall
A Tribute Julia Neal
A Tribute Pioneer historic Shaker preservationist, Shaker town Pleasant Hill, KY Earl Wallace
Alternative Worlds: Shaker, Owenite and Rappite Kit Cress
Coordinator for post-seminiar Shaker Festival at South Union, KY Br.Thomas Whitaker
Design consultant and host Shaker map specialist; Cincinnati, OH Richard Spence
Golden Lamb coordinator Seminar Planning Committee; instructor of Shaker studies at Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI Mary Orrin (Taylor)
Inner Light: The Shaker Legacy Photographer, Inner Light, The Shaker Legacy Linda Butler
Music Program Music interpreter, Pleasant Hill, KY Michael Breeding
Shaker Herbs Herbalist; journalist; author For Remember it is Christmas; Shaker Fare; Dayton, OH Martha Boice
Shaker Mission to the Shawnee Indians John Martin Smith
Shaker Physics: Medicinal Herbs Shaker researcher; bontanist; herbalist, Dayton, OH Mary Allen
The North Union Shaker Community Director, The Shaker Historical Museum, Shaker Heights, OH Virginia Atkinson
The Pleasant Hill Shakers Jean Dones
The Shaker Stocking Yarn Factory at Watervliet, OH Interpreter, Patterson Homestead Museum of Montgomery County Historical Society, Dayton, Oh; co-author Shaker Paper Dolls Marjorie McGraw
The Whitewater Shaker Community Cincinnatie, OH Steve Kistler
Union Village: The Heart of the West RoseMary Lawson
Welcome to Shakertown at Pleasant Hill Executive Vice President, Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, KY Betty Morris
Welcome to Shakertown at Pleasant Hill Director, Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, KY James Thomas
Welcome to the Kettering-Moraine Museum President-Director, Kettering-Moraine Museum Dayton, OH; author Melba Hunt
Welcone to Warren COuty Historical Society and an Introduction to the Shaker Collection Warren County Historical Society, Lebanon, OH Thomas Kuhn
Western Shaker Furniture Shaker Planning Committee Charles Muller