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Annual Shaker Seminar -- Enfield and Canterbury

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Lectures for 1982

A New Look at Some Old Maps and Vistas of Canterbury Shaker Village Rob Emlen
Canterbury Archaeology Archaeologist, Univ. of NH David R. Starbucks
Canterbury Shakers Canterbury Shakers Village, NH Bud Thompson
Collecting Shaker Paper Author David D. Newell
Concer of Shakers Songs Author Child/Parent/Teacher Educational Guide; Canterbury, NH Nancy Thompson
Editing and Writing for Shaker Enthusiasts Editor The Shaker Messenger; Holland, MI Author , Introducing the Shakers Diana Van Kolken
Editing and Writing for Shaker Entusiasts Writer for The NY-PA Collector Pittsford, NY Fran Kramer
Editing and Writing for the Shaker Enthusiast panle discussion Charles Muller
Enfield Shaker Furniture and Artifacts Robert Leavitt
Research and Writing Shaker Books Author The Shakers anf the World's People Flo Morse
Research and Writing Shaker Books Panel discussion Herb Wisbey
Sex and Utopian Societies a review of some recent books Herb Wisbey
Shaker Out Families Robert Meader
Shaker Textiles Weaver; Anaheim, CA Nancy Hillenberg
The Happy Journey- Scenes and Songs of the Early Shakers Roger Hall
The Savoy Shakers David D. Newell
Tour of Canterbury Bud Thompson
Tour of Canterbury Shaker Museum Director Canterbury Museum, NH Richard Kathman