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As a friend of Shakerpedia, we would like to invite you to make use of a digitized Cathcart index (also known as WRHS reel 123)
JIC, you have not seen the announcement on the Hamilton email list

In conjunction with work by various Shaker researchers, we've loaded the 16,800+ entries into database(s) so that the card sets (10 card per) can be found based on lastname, and many are more deeply indexed where machine OCR readable. We've setup a system so that anyone so inclined can help take the transcription process further. (call crowd sourcing).

You can find the top level index at: Cathcard with instructions how to drill deeper for the detailed index or to help transcription. As friends of Shakerpedia, you will have full access as soon as you login and go to

We'd like to thank researchers Glendyne and Jane who pointed the way to the card index and added major portions. We showed part of this system in 2017 at the Enfield forum and have now provided that work taken further to any researchers who can use or contribute to it. The transcribed entries will be added to the rest of as they are completed. Where we can, cross referenced from other index entries will be provided.

 Rich and Sharon Roth
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