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This page is comments and notes from and for the team working on the Cathcard index.

Original help notes:

  1. Select first letter of names to work on, and/or village select.
    note: first letter is based on range of page so will always be correct, villages as in the database so may not be correct for guessed entries

  2. Pick a name to see details on: any underlined part of a name row brings up details on that person.
    EXCEPT [Raw] with brings up the original block of cards (10 in a block)

  3. On the lower part of the screen is the details about the name clicked:

Left side

  [POP]      [Edit] ID=4175 CARD=016752 [IMG]

	[POP] opens a popup window with the card image that can be zoomed
	[IMG] open regular window/tab of just the card

Right side

    fullname. village, rawbody are click/edit fields 
	press (ok) or return to finish
    Village list can be clicked to fill in village field