Watervliet,NY Records

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Watervliet Cemetery Records with related Journal Entries

The records can be found or searched at http://memoirs.shakerpedia.com/wvcem/

There are 435 graves in the Watervliet, NY Shaker Cemetery.
These records are the basic grave records combined with the journals of the Watervliet Shaker community. 
There are supplemental documents, images and pointers to any related records in the Memoirs database.
The web site of the museum at the Watervliet Shaker community can be found at: http://shakerheritage.org/
The detailed research, cross referencing and typing was done by Betty Shaver.
Search of journals she transcribed at: http://memoirs.shakerpedia.com/shaver/
The digitizing and search indexing was done by Rich Roth of Shakerpedia

More Shakerpedia collections at: http://memoirs.shakerpedia.com/collections/