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Imagine a group of 100-300 people doing nothing but working and praying. Their motto is "Hands to Work, Hearts to God". Now, imagine that group being mainly farmers or doing small crafts, amidst the family farms in (mostly) New England in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Their relative wealth and productivity was incredible. Add to this, their contemplative nature, as such they wrote extensive journals about their activities and interactions with the "world's people". Multiply that by 16 communities they settled from Maine to Kentucky, even as far south as Georgia and Florida (for a short time).

As a result of this, they left an amazing trail of words and inventions, arts and crafts of various sorts, had interesting impacts on the law where they lived, built large farms and dwelling places. For those whose interest they catch, there are many facets to explore. We will try to share some of our explorations into the Shaker's History, past and present, with this web site.

Modern Shaker and Shaker based products