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Books and publications about and by Shaker Cooking

Old Shaker Recipes Bear Wallow Books [ISBN lookup] [google search]
Seasoned With Grace: My Generation of Shaker Cooking (Shakers) Lindsay, Eldress Bertha [ISBN lookup] [google search]
Shaker Sweetmeats: A keep sake from Hancock Shaker Village Shaker Community Inc [ISBN lookup] [google search]
Shaker Your Plate: Of Shaker Cooks and Cooking Sister Frances A. Carr, Francis A. Carr, and Francis A. Carr [ISBN lookup] [google search]
The Best of Shaker Cooking Amy Bess Miller [ISBN lookup] [google search]
The Shaker Cook Book Caroline B. Piercy [ISBN lookup] [google search]
The Shaker Cookbook Not by Bread Alone Caroline B. Piercy [ISBN lookup] [google search]
We Make You Kindly Welcome Elizabeth C. Kremer [ISBN lookup] [google search]