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SHAKER HISTORICAL SITES (old versions or other references)

The Enfield, Connecticut Shakers-a Research Project (CMNH) [1]
The Berkshire web Map-shows relationship between Pittsfield (Hancock), Tyringham and Savoy [2] Click on their names located on the map.
Shaker Heritage Society, Albany, N.Y. [3]
PWWMH-Watervliet Shaker Historical District, Albany, N.Y.
PWWMH-Harvard Shaker Village Historical District
Shaker Historical Society & Museum, Shaker Heights, Ohio
Shaker Museum, Shaker Heights, Ohio [4]


Pleasant Hill, Kentucky-Map and general info
The Holy Mount at Pleasant Hill
Shaker Museum at South Union, Kentucky
The Shaker Trustees' Building perserved at Genesee County Museum, N.Y.
Sodus Bay Shaker Festival, Alasa Farm-Western N.Y. State The Sodus Bay Shaker Festival is bi-annual.


The Union Seminary Quarterly Review [6] Vol. 49, #1-2,
Communal Societies: Journal of the Communal Studies Association.
"Utopian Studies" Index Journal of the Society for Utopian Studies.
IC Web Site: Communities Magazine [7] Magazine of Intentional Communities.
Religion & American Culture:  A Journal of Interpretation [8]  Published by the Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture, Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis, Indiana.

, Sabbathday Lake, Maine.

The Manifesto, published by the United Society of Shakers, Vols. I-XXIX, January 1, 1871 to December, 1899.

Shakers World

Addresses addresses of Journals [#Journal Addresses] For


and the Arts Information about the Shakers and the Arts listed in the Bibliography [#Shakers and the Arts]

"Shaker Made" by Ellen McBreen-Review of "The Quiet in the Land" [9]
Institute of Contemporary Art [10] in Boston, MA. "Quiet in the Land" through end of September.
Constantine Kermes Art Gallery [11]
E! Online - Fact Sheet - The Shakers - Hands to Work, Hearts to God (1985) [12] by Ken Burns.
The Parrish Art Museum: Newsletter "Shaker: The Art of Craftsmanship" [13]
Shaker:The Art of Craftsmanship Poster [14]
Shaker Historical Society Poster [15]  by Wendell Minor, artist.
Kindred Spirits Exhibit [16]   April 21-October 8, 1995.  Mingei International Museum,
"The Shaker World"  by Fran Kramer [17] .  A review of exhibit at Old Chatham based on John Kirk's 1997 book,
Shaker Gift Drawings Surface [18] by Fran Kramer & Lita Solis-Cohen.
Lafayette College [19] :  Exhibits Celebrating Shaker Design, Culture & Craftsmanship.
Shaker Visionary Image [20]   by Orville Cline.
[21] [22]
Shaker Exhibition [23] at Paine Webber.


Film-"I Don't Want To Be Remembered As A Chair" [24]
American Traditional Culture Series-The Shakers [25]
Response to a question [26]  Are Shaker practices related to magical and shamanic rites?  The answer, of course, is "no"!
580CFRA-News Talk Radio [27]   "Last Few Shakers Attract Few members to Last Village" by Tom Kirchofer.
Description of Shaker Life [28]
Mother Ann Lee: Why Do We Know So Little About Her Early Life?, Dixon [29]
History of Elder Eades of South Union [30]
Landmarks of Faith-Educator's Notes-The Shakers [31]
Shakers: The United Society of Believers [32]  Shaker Profile, Sociology 257, University of Virginia
Frequently Asked Questions-Shakers (Ohio State) [33]
Some Disturbing Facts on the Signs & Wonder Movement [34]
Learn about the Shakers [35]
Polly Reed: A Shaker Life [36]
Northeast journal antiques and art: Mount Lebanon Shakers [37]  A short article about the Mt. Lebanon Shakers.
Making His Mark [38] An article about Orren Haskins.
Review of [39]  (Miguel Gomez-Ibanez-Furniture Society)
Herbal Exposure-Herbalist & Author Steven Foster [40]
Paper-"Determinants of Stay in a Religious Commune:  The Shakers, 1850-1870" [41] by Brad Andrew & Metin M. Cosgel.  Can download the paper in PDF format.
Paper-"Between God & Market:  Integration of Economy & Spirit in Shaker Communal Dairying, 1830-1875" [42] by John E. Murray & Metin M. Cosgel.  Can download the paper in PDF format.
Paper-"Productivity of a Commune: The Shakers, 1850-1880 [43] " by Metin M. Cosgel & John E. Murray. Can download the paper in PDF format.
Paper-"Responding to Price signals in Communal Agriculture:  Shaker Hog Production, 1788-1850"  [44] by Metin M. Cosgel & John E. Murray.  Can download the paper in PDF format.
Paper-"Regional Specialization in Communal Agriculture:  The Shakers, 1850-1880" [45]   by Metin M. Cosgel & John E. Murray.  Can download the paper in PDF format.
Ann Lee, Founder of the Shaker Sect [46]   by Rev. H.P. Andrews. The Ladies' Repository.   Vol. 18, #11, Nov., 1858, pp. 646-650. 
A Picture of Shakerism--Mrs. Mary M. Dyer [47]   by Rev. H.P. Andrews.  The Ladies' Repository. Vol. 21, #5, May, 1861, pp. 273-277).
Shaker Gift Drawings Surface [48] by Fran Kramer & Lita Solis--Cohen
"Shaker Legacy Is Simple" [49] by Frank Bentayou.  Beacon Journal On-Line.  Trip to Shaker Heights Museum.
The Quaker Corner:  The differences between being Shaker & Quaker [50] .
Shaker Space: Being & Becoming in a Separtist Community [51]   by Jeff Jones & Carolyn Gallagher. 
Shakers by Jutta Gierse [52]
Engines of Our Ingenuity-Un. of Houston, Engineering [53]
Glaube, Friede, Hoffnung [54]

I Hear America Singing [55]    
Rebecca Cox Jackson: 1795-1871 [56]    
Excerpts from Gifts of Power [57]  by Rebecca Cox Jackson.  
The Shakers:  Hands to Work, Hearts to God [58]   by Ken Burns 


Table of Products:

Furniture, Crafts and Collectibles Books about Shaker Furniture, Crafts and Collectibles listed in Bibliography [#Shaker Furniture, Crafts and Collectibles]


and Gardening Books about Herbs and Gardens listed in Bibliography [#Herbs and Gardening]

Sabbathday Lake Catalog of Shaker Teas, Culinary Herbs & Rose Water [59] Help support the Sabbathday Lake Shakers through the purchase of their products. Besides herbs, the Shaker store at Sabbathday Lake sells hand sewn articles, candy, books, furniture, Shaker made oval boxes and baskets, and many other items.

Just a Few (!) Shaker Furniture & Oval Box Sites:

Shaker Furniture-Swartzendruber Hardwoods [60]
American Home-German Site [61]   American Style funriture.  Includes Shaker.
Robert Ortiz Studios [62]  Contemporary furniture in the Shaker and Japanese traditions.
Marco Polo:  The Shakers [63]    Unique furniture Replicas from Milan, Italy.
Rogers Woodworking [64]   Harrodsburg, Kentucky.
Shaker Workshops [65]
Shaker Shops West [66]
Shaker & Amish Design Furniture [67]  El Sobrante, California.
Chickadee Woodworking [68]  Shaker lap desk (copied from the desk which Orren Haskins made for Emma J. Neale), magazine rack and keepsake box.
North Wind Furniture & Cabinetmakers [69]  Rangeley, Maine.
Jefferson Woodworking [70]  Artwood:  A Gallery of Fine Woodworking, Bellingham, Washington.
J&B Atlantic Company - Shaker furniture - solid wood furniture, home accessories [71]
Cherry Pond Designs; fine furniture handcrafted from solid wood [72]
Spring Wood Smith-Antique Reproductions [73]  Shaker style furniture.
Shaker furniture (Shaker Mobel) in Oelde [74]
Shaker Furniture from Carolina Dealers [75]
Shaker Furniture [76]   Custom designed furnishings in the Shaker tradition by Stephen C. Barlow.
Project Plans [77]  Shaker hall table.
Shaker Furniture Shaker Style Highboy Dresser by Delnero Fine Shaker Furniture [78]
Shaker Furniture Reproductions from S. Timberlake Co. [79]
James Redway Furniture Makers - Cherry Shaker Furniture - 18th Century Country [80] .
Shaker Chairs [81]  Alan L. Nichols Furniture. 
Dana Robes Wood Craftsmen [82]  Lower Shaker Village, New Hampshire.
Shaker Furniture--Howe & Braskie [83]    Canterbury, N.H. 
Thunderbird Shaker Village Series Bedroom [84] .
Kinion Furniture Co. [85]   Portland, Oregon.
Village Chairs & Wares   Port Jefferson, N.Y. [86]
Ragged Mountain Woodworks [87]
Chilton Shaker Furniture Home Page [88]
The Village Woodsmith [89]   Shaker Video Collection from the shop of Garry Smith in Otselic Valley, Upstate New York.
Ralph Hamilton & Sons [90]    A small family operation on the eastern shore of Maryland.
Branch Hill Joinery [91]    Amish and Shaker furniture made by the Amish craftsmen of southern Michigan.
Xylem Furniture [92]   Michael Waldchen designs and handicrafts furniture from his workshop, Xylem Furniture Studio, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
The Shaker Shop [93]   located in Sturbridge, Ma.  Shaker furniture reproductions, oval boxes and Shaker milk paints.
Asleep In the Woods [94]   Calais, VT.
Evolution [95]    San Francisco & Berkeley, California.
Circa 1820 [96]   Vassalboro, Maine.  1790-1850 Reproductions.
William Laberge Cabinetmaker [97]   Wells, VT.
Ian Ingersoll [98]   Master Woodworker.
Sam Allen Woodworking Books & Tools [99]    Shaker Jelly Cupboard.
Yankee Builders Country Store: [100]   Shaker & Colonial Furniture.
William Presley-Shaker & Country Style [101]   Gheen, Minnesota.
Shaker Woodworks & Antiques [102]    Carrollton, Texas.
F.A. Wildnauer Woodwork [103]    South Berwick, Maine.
Wayne Marcoux [104]    Fine Handcrafted Hardwood Furniture.
Main Street Trading Co. [105]    Milford, Ohio. 
Gardner & Halliwell Furniture [106]    Murrysville, PA.
Jacobs Woodworking [107]   Springvale, Maine.
C. Lindley Custom Woods [108]    Carrollton, Ga.
D. Andrew Kates [109] Cabinetmaker.  LeLange. Il.
House of Kirk [110]   Shaker & Early American Styles.
Homespun Shaker [111]
The Hitchcock Chair Co., Ltd. [112]   (see Berkshire Collection).
Richard Bissell Fine Woodworking [113]   Putney, VT.
Shaker Furniture & Collectibles in N.Y.C. [114]
Shaker Style furnishings [115]
Berkshire House Publishers, Woodworking [116] Publisher of Shaker shop drawings.
Willow Glen Kitchen & Baths [117]  Shaker furnishings.
Woodtown Unfinished Furniture [118]    Shaker Tables.
The Unpainted Place, Inc [119] .    Minneapolis, MN.
Privy Pine Products [120]   Shaker Style Vanities- Canada.
Replitiques [121]  Peg board and mirrors.
Shaker Pegs [122]  Baby furniture Shaker style!
TIMEKEEPERS - Gallery [123] Clocks.
Creative Woodworking [124]  Shaker style clocks.
Roggenburg Woodworking [125]   Shaker wall clock.
Woodware Designs [126]  Shaker computer tables.
Shaker Tape [127]  for chairs.
H.H. Perkins Co. [128]    Shaker Tape.
Restoration Products, Inc. [129]  Shaker tape and rush.
Orleans Carpenters - Museum Quality Shaker Oval Boxes [130]
Mountain Gourmet Product Sampler: Shaker Classics [131] Oval boxes.
McIntosh Sampler [132] Oval Boxes.
John Wilson [133] Oval boxes.
Henn workshops-Shaker Boxes [134] Oval boxes.
Traditions:  Sharing Americas Past [135]   Shaker Collection.
The Boxes and Boards [136]   Homemade Shaker boxes.
The Shaker Box Company [137]   Avon, CT.


Shaker pincushions [138] Stitch with Sudberry:
Julia's Needleworks [139]  Ten shaker designs.
Homespun Elegance [140]  "Old Shaker Tune" Sampler, #130.

Shaker Miniatures:

Shaker House [141] Shaker doll house.
Miniatures:  Shaker Works West [142]  by Ken Byers.
Miniatures by George [143]    by George Pennell.
Fine Wooden Miniature Furniture by Paul W. Frazier [144]   Mesquite, TX.
Miniature Shaker Oval Boxes [145]   by Eric Taylor
Shaker Village Series [146] The Cat's Meow Shaker Series.
Baskets "Shaker Baskets" [#Shaker Baskets] See miniature Shaker baskets listed under

Shaker Postcards:

Shaker Postcards [147]  National Postcards:  The Source For Collector Postcards. Their Shaker Page.

Shaker Baskets:

Shaker Fancy Baskets [148]  by Martha Wetherbee & Nathan Taylor.
Patterson's Baskets [149]   Miniature baskets.

Rare Books and Manuscripts:

DeWolfe & Wood, Catalog 31: The Shakers & Other American Communal Groups [150]

Shaker Photography:

Averso Publishing [151]    Exclusive supplier of 32 Pleasant Hill Shaker postcard prints by John Stines.  Also, posters and Ilfochrome prints, the

Restaurants, Inns and Bed & Breakfasts:

Shaker Tavern - South Union, Kentucky - Bed & Breakfast Inns ONLINE [152]
Pleasant Hill Kentucky Shaker Village Dining [153]
Lodging at Pleasant Hill [154]   80 guestrooms on site.
Golden Lamb - GoCinci Dining Directory [155] Menu & Information.
The Golden Lamb Home Page [156] , Lebanon, Ohio. Site contains sample menus, gift shop info, and an excellent history of the inn. "The Golden Lamb" has a fine collection of antique Shaker furniture.
Sunset Farm Inn in the Tyringham Valley [157] Overlooks the site of the Tyringham Shaker Village. The Inn has a collection of Shaker antiques.
The Shaker Inn, Enfield, New Hampshire [158]
Mary Keane House [159]   Lower Shaker Village, Enfield, New Hampshire.  Shaker purists may prefer a room in the Ministry House, their 1880 Shaker house.  (Shaker Museum and Dana Robes Woodcraft are on the premises.)
The Old Chatham Sheepherding Company Inn [160]  located in Old Chatham, N.Y. directly across from the Shaker Museum and Library. 


Willis Henry Auctions, Inc. [161]
Equinox Antiques - Shaker [162]   Manchester Center, VT.
Kovels' On-line price guide to Shaker antiques & collectibles [163]
Yellow House Antiques [164]    Buying and selling museum quality American and Shaker antiques.  Reading, VT.
G. Eldridge Antiques [165]   Glastonbury, CT.
Sloan's On-Line [166]   32 dealers with specialty in Shaker.
Shaker Antiques & Items in Maine [167]
Fresh Shaker Pieces Sell Well" [168] "
Shaker Toys [169]   Owners trying to identify toys as Shaker.  Were given to them as such.
Antiques & Americana with George Michael [170]  A video series of twelve 2 hour videos, 46 topics.  One of the topics is "Hancock Shaker Village". 



the Shakers Books about the Shakers are listed in the Bibliography [#About the Shakers]

Links A Glance: The Shaker Experience in America [171]  Review of
NYTimes-Shaker Communities, Shaker Lives [172] A review of Priscilla J. Brewer's book.
NYTimes-Shaker Built: The Form and Function of Shaker Architecture [173] by Paul Rocheleau & June Sprigg.
Review-The Shaker World [174]  by John T. Kirk.
Review-Shaker Herb & Garden Book [175]  by Rita Buchanan.
Review-Shaker Medicinal Herbs [176]  by Amy Bess Miller
Review-Origins of the Shakers [177] by Clark Garrett


Review of Skees' God Among the Shakers: A Search for Stillness & Faith at Sabbathday Lake. [178]
Review of Shees' God Among the Shakers [179]   Christian Science Monitor
Review of Simple Gifts: A Memoir of a Shaker Village [180] : by June Sprigg.
Shaker Advice to Children:  On behavior At Table [181]   Miniature Book--The Press of Ward Schori.

Novels and Short Stories:

Works about the Shakers Fictional Works about the Shakers listed in Bibliography [#Fictional Works about the Shakers]

[182] [183]
Janice Holt Giles. [184]
"The Shaker Bridal" from Twice-told Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne [185]
Death of a Winter Shaker [186] and
NYTimes-The Divine Comedy of John Venner [187] by George Blake Smith.  The Divine Comedy Shaker style. Mother Ann is portrayed as a spiritual guide to John Venner who seeks paradise stumbling through his own purgatory and hell. The last Shaker sister, Sabbathday Wells, is John's Beatrice. Divine Comedy of John Venner [188]  by George Blake Smith.  Another review.
NYTimes-Perfect Agreement [189] by Michael Downing.  The Shakers of Kentucky are a subplot in this novel. Agreement [190]  by Michael Downing.  Another review.


Books Shaker Cook Books listed in Bibliography [#Cook Books]

NYTimes-Shaker Your Plate by Sr. Frances Carr [191] A review of Sr. Frances' great cookbook. The review includes the following recipes: chicken tarragon, Sr. Marie's potatoes, Shaker stewed tomatoes and lemon pie. I use the book all the time. Get a copy. Help support the the Shakers and buy it from Sabbathday Lake.
NYTimes-In a Shaker Kitchen [192] A N.Y.Times review of Norma MacMillian's book. Includes recipes for Shaker applesauce and cinnamon sour cream cookies.
Shaker Recipes On-Line:

Shaker Furniture:

Furniture, Crafts and Collectibles Books about Furniture and other Collectibles are listed in the Bibliography [#Shaker Furniture, Crafts and Collectibles]

NYTimes-The Shaker Chair [193] by Charles R. Muller & Timothy D. Rieman.
The complete Book of Shaker Furniture, Rieman & Burks [194] A review.
Shaker Legacy:Perspectives on an Enduring Furniture Style, C.Becksvoort [195]  A review.
Review of [196]  by Joy Krause. Shaker Legacy [197]   by Christian Becksvoort.  A review.