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So I've done about 20 names so far, mostly associated with Harvard, although I've seen a few where the OCR has guessed wrong and have reassigned the village based on the card itself.

It would be nice if we could assign a personal name to more than one place: e.g. Joseph Hammond. The card says Shirley, but he spent a significant amount of time in Harvard as well. We know that there are many Shakers who moved from one Society to another for all kinds of reasons. It would be nice if we could capture this.

Perhaps wrongly, I have also been correcting the text the OCR guessed for the cards as well. I

have made no editorial corrections, only corrections based on human perception of the card's text. The IMG feature is a terrific help here. 

Will we want to try to capture in some standardized form some of the detail on the cards such as trade: doctor, cabinet maker, etc., or maybe age at death?

Who else is out there doing this? I heard about it from RichR at the Enfield Shaker Forum.

--NedQuist (talk) 10:03, 5 May 2019 (CDT)