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Annual Shaker Seminar --South Union and Pleasant Hill

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Lectures for 2007

A Meeting of Angels: Thomas Merton and the Shakers. Dr. Paul M Pearson
An Informal Show and Tell of Printed Works and Ephemera Associated with Pleasant Hill Larrie Curry
Created Equal: Slavery and the Pleasant Hill Shakers. Donna Phillips
Dear Friend and Sister: Laura Holloway Langford and theShakers Diane Sasson
Making From Shaker Lands and Shaker Hands: Adventures andMisadventures M Stephen Miller
Northern Exposure: Harvey L. Eads's 1835 Musical Journey" at Centre Family Dwelling Christian Goodwillie
Now by my motion': Issachar Bates and the Creation of an Imagined Community in the Shaker West." at Centre Family Dwelli Carol Medlicott
Persevering to Gain Perfection: Two Hundred Years at South Union at Centre Family Dwelling Tommy Hines
Recent Architectural and Archaeological Discoveries at South Union" at Centre Family Dwelling Tommy and Matthew Hines and Cook
Shaker Pleasant Hill and the Swedish Perfectionists of Bishop Hill John Norton
Shakerism Detected, Developed, and Defended: James Smith, First Apostate of the West. Christian Goodwillie
Strangers Along the Trail: Peoria's Shaker Apostates Enter the World Pat Goitein
The Communal Societies Collection at Hamilton College. at Centre Family Dwelling Randy Ericson
Tour of Gasper River Camp Meeting Ground Matthew Cook