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Hancock Shaker Seminar -- The History of he Hancock Bishopric

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Lectures for 2006

A Bruised Idealist: David Lamson's Quest for Utopia Peter Hoehnle
Brooms, Cheese, and Wells: The Hancock West Family, A Lecture and Guided Walking Tour Dirk Langeveld
Clair of Hancock Shaker Village, a Documentary Film Presentation Gary Leveille
Conflict and Tribulations on the Frontier: The West Union Shakers Carol Medlicott
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Shaker Covenant Liz Baker
Fascinators and Shrouds: The Textile Collection of Hancock Shaker Village Jessica Kuhnen
Flawed Arcadia: Visitors Find a Place for Shaker Villages in America Brian Bixby
Hancock Shaker Village Through the Eyes of Nineteenth Century Visitors: A Guided Tour Glendyne and Christian Wergland and Goodwillie
Handled With Care: Divinity is in the Details M. Stephen Miller
Shaker Visits to Rich Men's Barns: Shaker Interest in Estate Farms Lauren Stiles
The Mystery of the Great Departure at Tyringham, Unmasked! Stephen Paterwic
The Photographs of Sister Olive Hayden, a Multimedia Presentation Adriana de la Cuadra
The Return of Clair, of Hancock Shaker Village, A Roughly Edited Film Presentation of Raw Footage Christian Goodwillie
Visiting the Shakers: The World's Views of Believers, 1781 - 1880 Glendyne Wergland
Welcome; Opening Remarks Christian Goodwillie