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Annual Shaker Seminar -- Canterbury and Enfield

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Lectures for 1989

Seminar Co-director for Enfield, NH Viola Hess
Seminar Planning Committee; Princeton, NJ Victoria Leyton
20th Century Shakerism at Canterbury Brad Fletcher
Behind the scenes at Canterbury, NH Richard Kathman
Canterbury Pails June Sprigg
Canterbury Shaker Furniture Collection Author, The Complete Book of Shaker Furniture with T. Rieman Jean Burks
Canterbury Shaker Snapshots: Introduction to the 20th Centurty Shakers at Canterbury Seminar Planning Committee Richard Kathman
Canterbury Shakers I Have Known Canterbury, NH Darryl Thompson
Enfield, NH Shaker Articfats Robert H. leavitt
Iconography of Shaker Life Rob Emlen
Mother's Work and the Holy Feast Ground Gregory Schwartz
Shaker Baskets basket maker; author Martha Wetherbee's handbook, Shaker Baskets; Sandborton, NH Martha Wetherbee
Shaker Bridge Heritage Frances Child
Shaker Light Dough Leitch
Shaker Poplaware Author, The Earth Shall Blossom with G. Beale Mary Boswell
Tour guide, Enfield, NH Seminar Co-Director for Enfield, H Wendell Hess
Tour guide, Enfield, NH Carolyn Smith