Cathcard Index

This search provides an index of the 16,000 some cards listing any names found in the reel of microfilm available from Western Reserver Historical Society. The listing is based on reel 123 created by Wallace H. Cathcart, former director of the Western Reserve Historical Society.

The listing has 3 parts:

  1. Summary listing of each microfilm page containing ~10 cards. This was created by various Shaker researchers and maintained by Dr. Glendyne R. Wergland. The pages match the pages found on the microfilm, in content and order.

  2. Individual card entries: under each summary entry, there are up to 10 entries of the card number, person's name, and village. These were generated using a mix of computer OCR and hand-editing, so some entries are gibberish or missing. In some cases, there is no summary card yet loaded.

  3. Actual individual cards: to create this index, the actual microfilm was digitized and split. These images are available to researchers under restricted access, otherwise the numbers match the card on reel 123 on the microfilm.

    If an entry starts with 'G', it means it is only an OCR guess and has not been hand reviewed and corrected yet.

    The level 2 entries are constantly being updated and posted as added or corrected. In some case, more compete card contents are availabe. This project will proceed must faster if any researchers care to assist, contact the webmaster and you will be given instructons on how.

  4. Status: Of 16828 Cards: Reviewed: 11693 Ocr Guessed: 5135

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Reference: From WRHS catalog